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Aspidas Security Solutions

We don't believe in Colateral Damage.

Aspidas provides bodyguard, and other security services to many C-Level executives in Spiral City and beyond.   They are known for their agents clinical detachment and brutal effectiveness, while maintaining their client's safety and respecting their status.   Agents employed by Aspidas are among the most highly trained operatives in all of Spiral City, and perhaps even the entirety of the Starlight Coast.   Recently, while accompanying one of their client on a "recreational tour" of a questionable establishment within the Phernol district, an Aspidas security detail engaged in a firefight with locals which resulted in a confligration that consumed an entire block.  The client was safely removed from the site in mere minutes.  The fires raged for three days.  Forty-three reported dead.  An Aspidas spokesperson has stated that, on the night in question, their agents interacted with an unruly element consisting primarily of members of the Vultures gang.  Locals claim that there were no gang members present at the establishment that night.   Always looking to expand their client base, Aspidas has recently put in a bid to take over as the security contractor for the Nu Horizons Energy Reactor.  Nu Horizons is content with their current security provider, but if certain unfortunate events began to occur on the reactor grounds, then Aspidas negotiators could sweep in and offer Nu Horizons a well-timed security contract that would be hard to turn down.


Aspidas' corporate culture is focused on results and the bottom line.  Rogue agents, loose cannons, and cowboy attitudes are not tolerated within their workforce.

Public Agenda

Detached efficiency, and brutal effectiveness.


Well-trained and professional agents.  reliable and well maintained equipment.  Respect and apreciation from their C-level clientele.

A Shield in the Darkness

Corporation, Security
Training Level
Veterancy Level

Cover image: by Liam Requiem
Character flag image: Aspidas Shield by Liam Requiem


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