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Spring - 6

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A 5e Homebrew drawing inspirations from a number of sources and is honestly just a bit of fun for my local D&D group.   For a quick overview of the setting, check out these broad strokes.  
  HERE YE,   Magic is dying. Three score after the failure of the Elven Empire, our world remains in flux. Those Grey Elves that once joined the realms across the Catseye are in decline and sterile. Their faithful allies, the Tieflings, now ruthlessly crusaded against scarring capitals and people. Us Gnomes, once driven into wandering caravans, have regained our conquered cities and country. Man, seeking structure, needlessly regale their kin with elven blood hoping to restore their empire. Dwarven kings dormant in their underground maws are seizing this opportunity regain footing in our lands. Even the proud yet lazy Halflings have all but disappeared as of late; their peaceful lands growing wilder every year, as is our world.   In these dire times, wild beasts such as orc, rat, and wolf too seek to dismantle what remains. We must stay vigilant of the coming twilight. Brigands and Siren pirates are poised to sever what connections we still have to a bright future.   We must remain steadfast.   Come to Du'chan. Join our Pact.   Help us shine our jewel of a world back to a sparkling finish.

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