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The government of Nairiume is comprised of Queen of Nairiume and a series of elected governors who oversee the smooth running of all the cities, towns, and lands throughout the country of Nairiume. The governors keep the peace in their regions, supply military forces, collect taxes on behalf of the crown, and promote the growth of industry to benefit the entire nation. The queen, with the help of many with assigned administrative and political roles within her body of advisers, ensure that peace is kept within the country and among the other nations of Ayrith. The queen also protects the rights of those living within Nairiume, and will remove and appoint governors as needed, especially if citizens petition for it. The queen may also overrule the local governors in matters of administration if required, though this is rarely done.


The culture of Nairiume is very much built on the premise of all those within its borders being free to live life as they see fit, so long as they are doing no harm to others. Most actions that cause physical or financial harm are considered crimes and punished as such.

Public Agenda

The goals of all Queens of Nairiume have always been to provide for the continued prosperity of the nation of Nairiume by protecting its people and its lands.


Nairiume is the only nation to recognize its founding at a date before the beginning of the Third Era, but all official records begin with the first year of the Third Era (TE). This was done so that Nairiume could more easily trade with the nations of Algoma, Phelin, Mahlon, and Berk using a standardized system that was used across all countries. This has resulted in Queen Meskhenet, who was ruling at that time, being known as the first queen recognized by other kingdoms.

The national histories, however, tell of the first true queen and one of the Asirim, Adolinese, successfully repelling a force of necromancers who were attempting to invade the collection of clans that lived on the lands that eventually became Nairiume. As it was rare for a woman to be a commander in any of the clans at that time, she was admired by many. She used this to encourage all the clans to build a lasting alliance that would bind them all together. The other clans agreed, but requested that she lead the alliance. Evidence suggests this took place around Year 900 of the Second Era (SE). Over the next twenty years, as the alliance grew stronger, the other clans granted her more power and importance. Eventually, the clan leaders evolved into the current system of governors, and Adolinese's heirs as queens.

Adolinese and her heirs never lost sight of the importance of unity and the protection of the people, and in approximately Year 943 SE, Queen Gildrae, Adolinese's daughter, signed into Nair law the Protections, an official list of freedoms all citizens and non-citizens living in Nairiume are granted. This created a uniform code that no governors could break without consequence. The Protections document has guided the nation since its creation, and has been altered several times throughout its existence.

Demography and Population

The population of Nairiume is divided among the trade cities, agricultural communities, and specialized towns throughout the country. Cities tend to have a great diversity of peoples due to the mixing that comes from trade. Certain regions are dominated by family groups that have been living in the same places for hundreds of years, but most communities are accepting of small groups of new residents and guests, even foreigners. Diversity is something often praised in Nairiume, so long as diverse peoples can live within certain societal expectations.


As much as half the population of Nairiume has military training so that in times of war they can be easily brought into service. The military is divided into an army and a navy, both drawing from all regions of the country as needed to fill the ranks. The navy is the only force constantly in service to protect shipping from pirates and Dyrain privateers. Also among the military is a specially-trained force known as the Tetim Lanali, who act as agents of the queen in all matters, oversee law enforcement, and can be employed on ships as potection against mutiny and necromancers.

Technological Level

Healers in Nairiume have been able to almost conclusively prove that illnesses and infections are caused by organisms too small to see, but that repoduce and can be killed in much the same way as other creatures. This was done through the invention of lenses that could greatly magnify incredibly small objects. Looking through these lenses, healers could see the tiny creatures among samples of fluids from ill patients. They hope that this knowledge will be accepted in other countries, as well, as a matter of public health. They continue to study the theory of how these small organisms may pass form person to person.


Many of the same gods worshipped throughout much of Ayrith have become incorporated into the religious practices of those within Nairiume, with the exception of the so-called god of royalty, often referred to as Raiofsi, who is used to justify the divine right to rule in other kingdoms. These gods are worshipped in private homes and in temples of varying sizes throughout the country. Some regions worship particular gods more heavily than others based on the environments unique to those regions.

Foreign Relations

Nairiume trades extensively with Orma, Mahlon, Phelin, and Berk. After several generations of a trade embargo with Algoma, trade was once more established between the two nations in Year 581 TE. As a part of the trade and military alliances with these nations, Nairiume has officials in each of foreign court to speak for the queen in many matters that may impact Nairiume. The same curtesy has been extended to ally nations, allowing them each to have an ambassador in Solaris for the same reasons. The exception is Algoma, which has not yet reached the point where this is permitted, as the alliance must remain strong for twenty-five years before Algoma is permitted a presence in Nair court. Nairiume has other trade agreements with smaller island nations in Ayrith, but nothing as official and binding as the agreements with the larger nations.

Nairiume's only enemy currently is Dyrai, who is hated by most in Nairiume simply because it is controlled by Necromancers, something considered vile by a culture so enterwined with the Asirim.

Agriculture & Industry

Nairiume's economy is a mix of industry and agriculture. In some areas, mining for gold and precious stones is the main economy, and in others areas it is the raising of crops and animals. In northern regions, farming large spiders and harvesting their silk to create clothing is a major economic driver.

Trade & Transport

Much of Nairiume is crossed by cobbled or gravel roads, connected by lesser-traveled roads of packed dirt. These roads are used for transportation of goods throughout the country and are maintained at the local level, though the crown grants some funding to assist in upkeep as needed.


Education is considered highly important in Nairiume. Some cities have established schools for the education of students of various ages, but due to issues arising between various classes and expectations for certain professions, no national system has been developed despite many trying to do so over the years. Instead, a system of certifications for traveling tutors was established to ensure the quality of the education these tutors were charging for. Most guilds headquartered in Solaris have also established a method for ensuring quality apprenticeship programs for the professions overseen by the guilds.


A system of maintained cobbled, gravel, and dirt roads criss-crosses Nairiume to connect all cities and towns. Most major cities and some large towns also have a sewer system and running water in nearly every home. The crown is incentivising the additional construction of sewers and water systems across Nairiume as a way to improve public health.

Founding Date
900 SE
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Leader Title
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Mixed economy

1 Queen's Note = 10 Gold

1 Gold = 250 Silvers

1 Silver = 500 Coppers

Major Exports
Spider silk clothing and precious stones.
Major Imports
Mainly wine and iron.
Legislative Body
Local governors have the authority to set laws, but they must be voted into action by the people of the city, town, or area the governor controls. These laws must then be submitted to the queen, who approves or denies them. The queen also has the ability to create new laws without a vote, though this can only be done once every five years.
Judicial Body
There is a series of courts throughout Nairiume that ensure laws are made in accordance with the Protections and that those who break the laws or do not abide by the Protections are punished.
Executive Body
Each city and town has its own law-enforcement force, often made of people who have military training. The size of the force does not exceed one active guard for every 100 citizens. In times of need, this force may be augmented with retired or reserve guards, especially in times of war. This force is also assisted by the Tetim Lanali, specially-trained warriors and agents of the queen who also ensure the local guards and governors are not overstepping their roles, as well as helping to deal with truly difficult situations.
Official Languages
Related Professions
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
Related Ethnicities

Trading Partner

Trading Partner

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