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Tetim Lanali



The Tetim Lanali, also known as the Tetimi, are comprised of pairs of elite warriors of various skills. They operate across Nairiume. There are approximately one thousand pairs of warriors of various veterancies at any given time, ready for whatever need may arise and assisting in the safekeeping of the cities and towns across the country. They also work on navy and trading vessels.


Each member of the Tetimi uses whatever weapons are most ideal for them. The court of Nairiume provides all weapons that are needed by Tetimi members.


All Tetim Lanali receive orders from the Tetimi commanders in Solaris, though they will place themselves at the disposal of the governors of the cities and towns in which they are stationed, so long as the governors' requests are not unreasonable. The Tetimi commanders work closely with the generals of the army, queen, and royal court to best employ the Tetimi. They may also direct Tetimi to assist other Tetim Lanali in nearby areas with difficult situations such as outlaws or the discovery of treason.


Tetimi use whatever tactics are most natural to them. Fighting tactics range by the individual, sometimes skilled weapons' use, unarmed combat, magic, and the powers of the Asirim. In times of war the Tetimi serve as scouts and assassins.


Candidates for the Tetim Lanali train for five years in Solaris. At the end of their training, if they are considered suitable for the position, partners are chosen for them by Asirim with the ability to read the compatibility of souls. Pairing warriors who are most compaitible leads to units that function smoothly and with minimal conflict. This also has the unintended side effect of many Tetimi becoming romantic partners, as well. This is not discouraged, and few are troubled by same-sex pairings among the Tetimi.

Those who are not suited to the life of the Tetimi are often transferred into the army of Nairiume instead.

After their initial pairing, Tetimi spend another five years Wandering, during which time they travel Nairiume and learn from senior Tetimi at work. This also allows the Wandering Tetimi to learn about each other and how best to work together.


Logistical Support

The Tetim Lanali require rapid communication to be as agile and versatile as possible. This is achieved through a network of couriers throughout Nairiume.


Governors at the local level provide the pay and resources required for the Tetimi in their region to operate, though the crown will supply additional resources if the local area can't meet the needs of the Tetimi. Money from taxes is set aside to ensure the available finances for this support.


Anyone considering becoming a Tetim Lanali may apply to join the training school as young as twelve and as old as twenty. Few recruitment programs exist, as it is a coveted position with many benefits and great respect.

Occasionally, when a candidate is paired, the soul most compatible is not among the other candidates. If the connection is strong enough, those with no formal Tetimi training or foreigners outside Nairiume may be chosen. If they agree to join the Tetim Lanali, they will be trained for an additional two years in Solaris.


The Tetim Lanali, often shortened to Tetimi, were founded as an elite military unit comprised of pairs of warriors in order to combat the kidnapping of Asirim. In order to hunt down missing Nairs and the people who had taken them, pairs of warriors were chosen who could avoid notice. Eventually, a training school in Solaris was established to train candidates for the Tetimi. Over time, pairs of Tetimi were placed throughout Nairiume and onto its merchant and naval ships to assist in general defense and to be better mobilized against threats.

Historical loyalties

Queens of Nairiume
Special Forces
142 TE
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy
Used by

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