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The Second Era

During the Second Era, tribes, clans, and civilizations took shape. War was frequent and the foundations of the future nations of Ayrith were put down.

Early Civilizations

Though the basis for the arbitrary dates of the Eras is based solely on Algoman history, all lands of Ayrith had some form of early civilization throughout the Second Era. This has traditionally been attributed to the work of the gods in teaching the value of community to early peoples.

Major Events of the Era

During this period there was much war and conflict. Most of the gods had grown tired of living among the mortal beings of Ayrith and returned to the Eternal Realms, where their parents, the Great Gods, dwelt. With most of the gods no longer among them, peace was not easy to sustain for the humans. Wars of lands and resources became common.

The End of the Era

The violence began to subside as communities began to band together in alliances and ever-larger communities. The transition between the Second and Third Eras has traditionally been set to the year Algoma first became a kingdom.

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