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Eliarant House

Purpose / Function

The Eliarant House was built to house the members of the Eliarant so that they may live independently of the palace but within its grounds.


The Eliarant House includes twenty-five comfortable and lavish bedchambers, a dining hall, four sitting rooms, a bathing chamber, six garderobes, a music chamber, and a library. There is also a lush courtyard garden, complete with a fountain and pond. On the roof there is a great balcony.


The main entrance to the house is along a hallway adjoined to the palace. This opens into the largest sitting room in the house. Two side entrances allow members of the Eliarant and their servants to come and go without entering the palace. These doors, as will all doors connected to the palace, are guarded at all times. One door at the kitchen allows the kitchen servents to do their work efficiently. This is not guarded during the day, but is locked at night and guards are never too far away.


Little has been modified from the house's original construction, though the interiors have been redecorated many times. Each member of the Eliarant adds their own style to the personal rooms they occupy, and the latest styles are intigrated into the common rooms. In Year 372 a larger, better equipped kitchen was built off the rear of the house.


The Elirant House is situated within the defensive walls of the palace grounds and is close to a large tower.


Prior to the construction of the House in Year 168, members of the Eliarant lived within the palace. Queen Amunet commissioned the construction of the house in appreciation of the services rendered by generations of the Eliarant. It took five years to complete.

Founding Date
168 TE
House, Large
Parent Location
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization

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