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Queen's Palace

Purpose / Function

The Queen's Palace houses the royal family of Nairiume and is the center of activity for the court.


Originally built in an L-shape, the palace has seen many additions over the years, and now sprawls out in the shape of a square, with four angled wings jutting away from the central square. In the center of the square is a massive, lush garden.


All entries to the palace are guarded. The main entrance includes massive double-doors at the top of a gentle rise of twenty-seven stairs. It opens into an entrance hall that leads primarily to the throne room, with doors that lead elsewhere concealed by tapestries and other decorative objects. Side entrances for palace staff and residents are located on each wing that extends from the central square.

Sensory & Appearance

The areas of the palace set aside for public appearances are kept clean and well-lit with lanterns that burn brightly. Scented reeds line the floors, and incense is often burned to add pleasant aromas to the air. Areas of the palace kept for private use are still kept clean and well-lit, but scents are only refreshed based on the desires of the inhabitants. Some prefer no incense at all in their chambers, while other may require fresh scents added daily. Scented wax candles are also used, though they are expensive even for a queen. Soft wall hangings and rugs are used to add a comforting feel to the otherwise cold stone of the palace walls and floors, though upstairs rooms have wooden floorboards that creak with each movement.


The residents of the palace include the Queen of Nairiume and her family, including both her immediate family and extended - though some family members have interests or careers that cause them to live elsewhere. Some members of the court also live at the palace, though many live within the city of Solaris itself. Many servants also live at the palace, though only personal valets and maids usually live within the palace itself. Others live in a residential dormatory on the palace grounds, or in small family homes in the city.


Almost since the day it was first completed, the palace has been expanded and renovated for the comfort of its inhabitants.


The palace was constructed almost exclusively of white stone, though variations in hue denote areas of renovation and the use of different quarries across Nairiume.


The palace has a small guard unit that ensures the safety of the royal family. Four defensive towers overlook the areas around the palace, as does a thick wall. Guards patrol the wall at regular intervals. The walls of the palace itself are quite thick and the doors are made of heavy wood, reinforced with iron.

Founding Date
30 TE
Parent Location
Included Locations
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization

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