The country of Algoma is ruled by the King (occasionally, the Queen). The land is divided into numerous holdings, or lordships. These are controled by lords, whose duty is to the people within their lordship. The method of ruling one's lordship is only loosely governed by the King. These lordships provide the resources, materials, and finances for the economy, as well as quotas of soldiers for defense.


Algoma is a country in which women are treated as equals to men in all things, including in government and property ownership. While male heirs are still preferred by many, it has become increasingly common to name a firstborn, regardless of their gender, as an heir. This is less common within the royal family, but is expected to continue to change.

The country welcomes foreigners, yet struggles to fully accept the Shifters living within the borders of Algoma. There is a stereotype that continues which suggests that the Shifter people are violent and unpredictable because their souls are part beast. The negative views of the Shifters has declined somewhat since King Jaimathan married Fae Unicorn, of the Shifters, but factions opposed to the marriage and the Shifters have become more outspoken and are watched diligently by the crown's intelligence network.

Algoma is also a country that has become more accepting of people living outside the expected norm in terms of gender and sexuality. Some have credited the close alliance with the nation of Phelin for this.

Public Agenda

All actions taken by the Kings and Queens of Algoma are for the greatest good for the most people. Public happiness and ease of life are lasting goals of all rulers.


During the Second Age, when rival clans and tribes gradually came together into what would become the nations of Algoma, Berk, and Phelin, bringing about the Third Age, King Lexand was chosen by the god Raiofsi to rule Algoma. The god is said to have come to him in a dream because he was the eldest son of the strongest clan leader. That leader's name was Alga, and he had been creating alliances and trade among the neighboring clans. With Lexand speaking of his dream of a glorious kingdom, the alliance was able to grow. Eventually, borders were settled with the alliances of Berk and Phelin, though war continued off and on while Lexand established his kingdom.

Over time, those wars ended and trade became a better motivator for interaction among the three kingdoms, and other nations that were discovered once ships were employed in ventures of discovery in the 300s. Since then, Algoma has become a strong, wealthy country with ties to many parts of the world through trade, alliances, and strategic marriages.


The military of Algoma includes an army raised from recruits throughout the various lordships and a navy of citizens from coastal lordships. The royal family has a group of sorcerers, known as Guardians, who devote their lives to protecting the royal family. Each member of the family has a dedicated Guardian throughout their life.

Agriculture & Industry

Algoma is an agricultural society, with many varieties of crops and livestock raised in the interior of the country. Along the coast, fishing is lucrative, as is harvesting clams and other shellfish.

Trade & Transport

Algoma conducts trade overland with Phelin utilizing bridges crossing the Ai River between them. When trading with Berk, they use the Alta Pass, first crossing briefly into Phelin. Ships are used to trade across the sea with Orma, Nairiume, and Mahlon.


Many of the major roads in Algoma and its cities are cobbled. The largest cities have established sewer systems, and the implementation of them in all other cities is underway.

Founding Date
First Era, Year 1
Geopolitical, Country
Training Level
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Mixed economy


1 Alga (gold) = 30 Algets (silver)

1 Alget (silver) = 50 Alggies (copper)

Major Exports

Iron and wheat.

Major Imports

Luxury goods.

Legislative Body

All laws are created by the King or Queen, with input from their court of advisors.

Official Languages
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Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
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Trading Partner

Trading Partner


Trading Partner






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