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The nation of Berk is led by the Overlord, who is voted into the position by the Council for a term of ten years. This council is made up of the hereditary governors of each of the twenty-five regions of Berk. Though each region is unquely governed, all still fall under the authority of the combined Council and Overlord.


Loyalty to one's own community is strong within Berk. Each region has its own economy, and doing one's part to keep the economy strong in order for the community to prosper is what all are taught from a young age. Workers trust the governors to provide for them in exchange, and to put the community's interests into their work on the Council. When this is not what happens, civil unrest often results in a new governor being put in place, though typically from within the same family as the last.

The differences among the regions results in much variation throughout the country in regards to how all aspects of society are viewed, including marriage, childrearing, gender, sexuality, work, religion, and the presence of outsiders. Some regions are also more welcoming of magic than others.

Public Agenda

The general public agenda is the continued economic sucess of the community, with all individuals doing their part in that. On a national level, this ideally translates to laws, regulations, and programs that show the country as a whole in a strong international light while supporting the regions that create that image.


Settlements and communities began to form throughout the Second Era. Over time, they began to form alliances and advanced trading partnerships. Near the end of the Second Era, around Year 900, as estimated by historians using the Three-Era Calendar, the regional settlements began looking for a way to oversee their trade in a more standardized way. The governing families began meeting to discuss the idea. Eventually, the Council was formally recognized and the Overlord elected. The capital of Khona was chosen because it was in the center of the country and had already been used for meetings among leaders.

It took several more years for the borders between regions to be settled and for policies to be decided, and there was strife as smaller regions were consolidated into larger ones. Eventually, it was decided that each region was free to govern itself so long as all national regulations were abided by.

Foreign policy was not strong for most of the Councils and Overlords. Due to the long winters in much of Berk, growing seasons are short and more food is always desired. Up until as recently as Third Era, Year 353, Berk was known to steal from or capture towns and cities near its borders in Algoma and Phelin. Though the Alta Mountains form a natural border between Berk and its neighbors, sailing ships along the coast to pass the mountains was a common method of attack. Piracy was also considered a viable career path, with the Council and Overlord turning a blind eye unless Berk pirates attacked other Berk holdings. Three large, fertile islands were also taken between Years 150 and 350. Claimed for Berk, the native populations were decimated until the remaining survivors accepted Berk's rule.

Only the creation of the Alta Pass ended much of Berk's attacks on its neighbors and its pirates were slowly brought under control. On the three islands much debate and conflict had been taking place regarding which region should possess and govern the islands. In the end, two were released back into the possession of the surviving native people, with an enforced trade agreement. The third had been destroyed by overfarming and had already been abandoned after a hundred years of occupation. Tension continues to exist between the remaining islands and Berk.

Demography and Population

The regions of Berk are as varied demographically as they are economically, with some regions being more densely populated or diverse than others.


The firstborn sons of all families are expected to serve five years in the military based in Khona. At the end of five years, they are permitted to leave the military and return home, usually to the expectation of marriage and a place in the economy of their region. Some may choose to remain in the military in Khona. Though the military requires veteran soldiers, there is stigma attached to those who choose not to return home.

Founding Date
Second Era, Year 900
Geopolitical, Country
Training Level
Leader Title
Government System
Monarchy, Crowned Republic
Economic System
Mixed economy

1 Bryte = 30 Wyns

1 Wyn = 100 Sparks

Major Exports
Legislative Body
Laws are created by the Council, who are expected to only create laws for the good of all of Berk.
Subsidiary Organizations
Official Languages
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
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