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Elu'Sasoya was the initial settlement in the AIS (Allied Islands of Sasoya). Originally it was known as Sasoya, but as other islands were inhabited and new cities were founded, it changed to ensure it was different enough in name to not be confused.   As per the initial settlement it had more time to grow and thus became the capital of the AIS and the largest city.   Elu'Sasoya does not allow non-Elves to enter and particularly dislikes humans because of previous war around larger land mass.


Predominantly elven, specifically Sasoyan Elves. There are a few other races that have settled but generally do not integrate well into society. Lizardmen are attacked on sight.


Constitutional Monarchy - The Islands under the AIS have their own individual Lords (Also known as daimyo), and the AIS, as a whole, is ruled by a single Emperor/Empress. The Lords answer to this Emperor/Empress.
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Large city
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