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Sasoyan Elf

A subset of elves hailing from any of the islands in The AIS (Allied Islands of Sasoya). They are not too visually distinct from standard elves and can often blend in well with other elven ethnicities and vice versa, however their culture and isolation warrants being classified as a different entity.   Their culture, while rooted in elven heritage, differs aesthetically. They have turned from their woodland ways and have buildings not unlike humans. Unlike their heritage they are a bit more stern and adjusted to law and order. They do not experience the same wanderlust and are quite content in living on the island and cultivating their homes.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Rinikana, Takaliel, Watanawen, Thalyssawa

Masculine names

Saitolion, Koshirobund, Harugalad

Family names

Ondoashi, Selvatomi, Taledate, Isilitanabe


Major language groups and dialects

Sasoyan speak a dialect of Elven. A rudimentary understanding of Elven will suffice for communication.

Common Etiquette rules

It is common courtesy to bow upon greeting or saying goodbye. A deep bow, from the waist, is considered more formal than a quick dip of the shoulders and head.

Common Dress code

Sandals are common footwear, and nobles will often wear thin, flowing robes depicted with flower, trees, rivers, or other artistic nods to nature.

Art & Architecture

by Irina Terentieva
Sasoyan Elves are the creators of a style of painting known as 'Alun-y'. Here they take large paintbrushes and draw simple images in broad, inky strokes. This creates minimalistic art that places emphasis on the brush strokes and capturing moments through simple pieces rather than ornate tapestries.   These can depict images of nature, single words, or just concepts like unity and togetherness. Although it appeals to a niche audience, there is a market for it outside of The AIS (Allied Islands of Sasoya) and particular pieces can sell for quite a bit.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Specialty 'coffin rafts' are crafted to hold the deceased, designed to float out of sight and then break down naturally to send the body to the depths to benefit aquatic life, which is considered an honor to give back to the very waters that sustained them in life.   A scroll, passed down through the family, will have a small memorial painted, usually in the form of writing (though some memorials are conveyed through pictures) remembering the deceased, which is updated with each passing member. A common theme is to honor the person's achievements while in life. This scroll is usually displayed in the household, such as over the fireplace mantle, where it is believed that the spirit of the deceased will find their way home to read the memorial.

Common Taboos

It is considered rude to wear shoes indoors. Littering is also quite taboo, seen as a desecration to the land.


Beauty Ideals

Pale/Porcelain skin is considered beautiful, and so many Sasoyans will apply light cosmetics or utilize umbrellas specifically crafted to help prevent the sun from tanning. This is not mandatory to be considered attractive.
Sasoyan Elf
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