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While Ora Anishi, as a whole, is considered to be the land of peace, the sleepy island, or just a place of farming tranquility, Yankone settles as the heart and capital.  Unlike Ashohibara where it trades with the outside world and has a bit more diversity in visitors, Yankone's markets only deal with its citizens, and thus has less exotic goods to offer, such as simple clothes, or a farmer's market where the many laborers can set up shop with their yearly yields.


Predominantly elven, specifically Sasoyan Elves. There are a few other races that have settled but generally do not integrate well into society. Lizardmen are attacked on sight.


Constitutional Monarchy - The Islands under the AIS have their own individual Lords (Also known as daimyo), and the AIS, as a whole, is ruled by a single Emperor/Empress. The Lords answer to this Emperor/Empress.

Natural Resources

Ora Anishi's soil and land size lends itself well to farming wheat which grows in full stalks. A portion of the island is dedicated both to rice and fish farming as well.
Inhabitant Demonym
Sasoyans or Anishins more specifically
Location under

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Articles under Yankone

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