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Silver Wheat Festival

Used as a means to appreciate farmers and to bless their harvest, inhabitants from the The AIS (Allied Islands of Sasoya) are invited to Ora Anishi to participate in the Silver Wheat Festival.   During this the villagers pray for another year of bountiful harvest, and the farmers are treated to dances and gifts in service of the festival.


Elves originally held the role of farming during their alliance with the humans at the Troubled Mire (See Sasoya's Independence), but often found themselves at odds with their allies over their techniques. Often their efforts went unnoticed or were taken for granted, with many humans insisting different crops are planted and maintained...crops that generally would not work given the soil and climate of the environment.   These disagreements ranged from mild discussions to vandalizing crops, only serving to further stir the tension.   After the Sasoyan Independence, it was agreed to dedicate a specific day to appreciate the bountiful harvests that sustained their people.


Nearly the entire day is devoted to the festival:  
  • Early morning is spent marching through the streets in costume. Children are encouraged to clap and sing along with flutes and drums played down the city streets.
  • Midday gifts, cards, and pleasantries are shared with the farmers, thanking them for their service to the harvest which will feed the people.
  • Dusk is spent rallying people to the highlands for the most important part of the festival.
  • Night is when the moon shines down on the wheat fields below, creating a shimmering silver effect to the full matured, grown stalks. The wind offers a gentle sway, creating what many onlookers describe as a 'gently rolling sea of silver'. Often people will pray, dance, or otherwise pay tribute to Heluna - Goddess of the Moon during this viewing.
  The ceremony ends as the people disperse to their homes.

Components and tools

It is considered good manners to bring a gift for the farmers, especially if it helps them in their endeavors. Gifts can be, but are not limited to. fishing nets, field tools, new hats, and better quality boots.


A majority of the participants are Sasoyan Elves from the AIS, although other settlers along the island are also welcome. It is generally frowned upon from people outside of the AIS to attend, though there have been instances of people sneaking in to view the spectacle.


On a specific, unchanging date (TBD) the moon is at its absolute fullest and most shining.
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