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A city in The AIS (Allied Islands of Sasoya) also known as the Port of Sasoya for its primary focus on trading. Because it is less exclusive (by nature of needing to trade with the outside world), it has a more diverse demographic and small sects of people who have settled. It is the third founded and second largest city, and also settled on the third largest island.


Predominantly elven, specifically Sasoyan Elves. There are a few other races that have settled but generally do not integrate well into society. Lizardmen are attacked on sight.


Constitutional Monarchy - The Islands under the AIS have their own individual Lords (Also known as daimyo), and the AIS, as a whole, is ruled by a single Emperor/Empress. The Lords answer to this Emperor/Empress.
Alternative Name(s)
Port of Sasoya
Inhabitant Demonym
Sasoyans or Ashohibarans more specifically
Location under

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