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Azu is the fourth founded island and is both the smallest island and city in The AIS (Allied Islands of Sasoya). It has been hit the hardest by the flooding and rains. The grounds are generally muddy and the mood of the populace is more somber and melancholy to reflect the gray skies. Most of the population live in meager finances. It is known as the least structured of the four and its frequent criminal activity is known to both inhabitants and newcomers.


Predominantly elven, specifically Sasoyan Elves. There are a few other races that have settled but generally do not integrate well into society. Lizardmen are attacked on sight.


Constitutional Monarchy - The Islands under the AIS have their own individual Lords (Also known as daimyo), and the AIS, as a whole, is ruled by a single Emperor/Empress. The Lords answer to this Emperor/Empress.

Guilds and Factions

Mud Jackals - A secretive guild of ninjas known for their ability to remain untracked. An example of a Mud Jackal is someone able to leave no footprints, even in soft dirt and mud.
Inhabitant Demonym
Sasoyans or Azuuns more specifically
Location under

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