The Dusk Elves

The middle aged man at the gate cleared his throat. His name was Andur and he was a representative of House Beogard of Volda, the house whose "turn" it was this year. They had tried for a different solution, but in the end it had proven too... embarassing for the function of the Grand Marshal. So, in order to protect the charge, a new solution had to be found.   He had been standing there for several hours, "waiting" for "his" moment. At the opposite side of the gate stood loremaster Gormund, the grand marshal and thus also the master of ceremonies and, at least for this evening, his direct superior. He had announced all those barons and dukes, their sons and daughter, spouses and whatnot of the families of Caldaven, while Andur waited patiently, actually preferring it to be over already instead of being at the butt this painfully long joke . Then a young messenger arrived and handed a scroll over to Gormund, who unfolded it. His lips formed a line, just like they do when you really want to laugh, but have to supress it, out of "respect" for those who are present. They still formed a line as he handed over the scroll to Andur with an expression of "Oh boy... you are so fucked..." written all over his face. Then he signalled the fanfare. Andur cleared his throat... and began.   ...   ...   ...   ...   Minutes later: "Ka...AAAH Fuck.... Okay Again..."   The elven emissary next to him, leader of a rather large group of those who Andur in his head already called "pointy eared bastard elven bastards...", very well aware that he was repeating himself in his own mind, leant over and whispered: "It is Karatak, and i believe he is further down the list..." smiling as he said that.   Humans had gathered around them, all with a, spoken from Andurs perspective, stupid smile on their faces, waiting for Andur to "finish". The elves were smiling too. Because it always took so long, they had gotten their drinks already, and sipped on them, while Andurs throat was sore from pronouncing their full alien, tonguetwister names, as well as from having to talk constantly without being allowed a drink, until his voice would falter, and the Grand Marshal would end the "show" with the words "Ladies and Lords, i present to you... the elves".   It was degrading. But Andur had pulled the shortest straw.   Every year the same show. If the elves would at least send the same people every year, then the Grand Marshal could have memorized their names, recite them almost mechanically, as he did with all the other guests, and be over with it. But they never did. As if they would decide for new representatives every year, with criterias unknown to anyone but them. Somewhat like having a meeting a few weeks before the gala, where the chieftain-in-chief announced "Hey... The humans are having their annual party and we are invited again... who wants to go this time".   Telling the grand marshal of this suspicion, he had nodded and answered: "Well.. that's not too far from the truth actually" with a pityful smile, and a gaze that said "Gosh, I am SO glad that i don't have to do this anymore...".   However, after 15 minutes of constantly trying to go through the list without failure, Andur wasn't sure about his suspicion anymore. They additionally filtered elves, whose names would prove too easy for the human bastards. He was sure about it.
— Scene at the annual congress of the lords of Caldaven and the Norn emmissaries of Cun Moragh Norn

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Norn female names always contain a K consonant and a vocal A. Sometimes, to enhance the name, the parents also extend it by one, or maximally up to two, additional adjectives or comparisons (-ra,-re,-ri,-ma,-me,-mi). In case the name root does not contain A or K, the missing letter is added in the extension, where the female forms are: -ra, -rak , -rae, -rea, -ria, -reka, -rika). Norn female names almost never contain a vocal U.   The full female name is the given name, followed by ka-rul ( daughter of ) and then the name of the father or mother (see: Family names).  

Example Names:

  Ae(-rak, -rika), Ama(-rak, -rika) , Akka(-ma, -ra,-re), Aku(-ra, ri, -ma, -me), Anka(-ma,-me,-ra,-re) , Anke(-ra,-re,-ma), Aska(-ra,-re), Aske (-ra,-re), Eska(-ra,-re), Kara(-ma,-me,-mi) , Kata(-ma,-me,-ra,-re,-ri), Kama(-ra, re, -ri), Kamma(-re, -ri), Ko(-ra,-rae,-rika), Korra (-ma,-me), O(-rak, -rika),Taska(-ra, -ma), Iska(-ra,-ri), Rakka(-ra, -re, -ri).  

Full female name examples:

  Korika, daughter of Tonrak (father), of the Atukan people (tribe): Korika ka-rul Tonrak Atukan uru   or tonguetwisters like:   Rakkari, daughter of Katari (mother), of the Karutak people (tribe): Rakkari ka-rul Katari Karutak uru   Or in case of queen Amarak, ruler of Cun Moragh Norn: Amarak, daughter of Turok (father), of the people of Cun Moragh Norn : Amarak ka-rul Turok Cun Moragh Norn uru

Masculine names

Just like norn female names, Norn male names have to contain a K somewhere, yet usually it is found at the end, giving norn male names a somewhat harder sound. The mandatory vocal A in female names may be replaced by the vocal O or E. Norn male names only (if ever) have one extension at most.   Common male name Extensions are: -rak, -tak, -rik, -tik, -rek, -tek, -rok, -tok, -roak, (speak: row-ak), -toak (speak: tow-ak) -roka, -toka, -ruk, -tuk, - ruak (speak: roo-ak), -tuak (speak: too-ak), -ruka and -tuka.   The full male name is the given name, followed by ko-rul ( son of ) and then the name of the father or mother (see: Family names).  

Example Names:

  Akko, Annak, An (-rak, -rek, -rok, -raak, -roak, -ruak), Cua(-rak, -rok), Hanak, Hardak, Haro (-tak), Ka(-rok, -ruk, -tak, -tok, -roak), Ma(-rok, -ruk, -tak, -tok, -roak) , Ronka, Razak, Roa(-tak, -tok, -rak, -rok), Ro(k)ka, Takk,Tark,Tarek, Tonrak, Torrak, Tarrok, Rotak  

Full male name examples:

  Roatak, son of Karika (mother), of the Atukan people (tribe): Roatak ko-rul Karika Atukan uru   Koruak son of Karuk (father), of the Karutak people (tribe): Koruak ko-rul Karuk Karutak uru

Family names

Norn names, just like Sitha names, are threefold. There is no concept of family names as in many human civilizations, where human citizens are named according to the day jobs they perform, the day jobs their ancestors once performed, or other features.   Norn are named according to a trait wished upon them by their parents, then followed by ko-rul ( son of ) or ka-rul ( daughter of ) and then the first name of the respective father or mother. There is no preference about which parent is chosen, so Norn actually have two full names, by which they can be addressed, leaving it up to the one addressing them to chose.   When formally addressed, the construct is always followed by the name of the tribe and then -uru, which in the language of the norn means tribe, or people.


Major language groups and dialects

Major language Groups:

  Norn: spoken by Norn in the realm of Cun Moragh Norn and Caldaven, and regions east of the inner Sea.   Elder Norn: spoken mainly by Norn of The Eternal Forests and the Evergreen Peninsula, yet also in regions south of of the Inner Sea (Eridu, but also Orom) and in the regions between the Inner Sea and the Dragon Stones or the Hammer of Ice (Haven, Culmeria, Aesgard)   Western Norn: spoken mainly by Norn of the Wolven forests, or in regions west of the Dragon Stones and the Hammer of Ice, yet not on the evergreen Peninsula, where the Norn still speak a version of Elder Norn.

Art & Architecture

The art and architecture of Norn is functional, embellishments are rare, but, if present, intricate and hard to copy by artisans of other races. Wood as material is prevalent, however different than with human settlements it is usually alive when in use, as the Norn do not cut the wood if they can prevent it. Rooms and corridors are not cut into the hometree for example, but formed into the living body of the tree by druid magic, which at the same time ensures the onging health and functionality of the respective tree. Wood that is harvested froma hometree or worldtree is not cut either, but taken by druids with the same technic, and always under the premise that the tree in question is not damaged beyond its healing capabilities. This care is reserved for worldtrees however, and does not hold towards the smaller trees, which today make out the majority of the most northern forests, with the cassional elven hometree in between.   The Norn of Cun Moragh Norn for example have taken on the practical human habit to reinforce the ground floor buildings of their cities with wood from smaller trees like oaks, spruces and so on. They do however have a rigorous and sustainable reafforestation politic. The wood in question will be bent into shape before harvesting, such that even the houses in Cun Moragh Norn cities keep the organic look, which avoids sharp edges or corners. Over the centuries, of all Norn people, only the Cun Moragh Norn have mastered the stonemasonry, their achievements however do fall back behind human or dwarwish ones in this area of expertise. Stone, if used as building material, is usually only used for cellars and bases, or mundane tools. Artwork is usually made of living or harvested wood. The most valuable art is made of ironwood which was taken from a Hometree, and is usually of personal importance to the owner.

Coming of Age Rites

The coming of age rite of the Norn often involved a night spent in the underdark. Male and female Norn are expected to pass this. Due to the ever present danger of drow attacks druing these rites, they have lost in importance however. Where once it was expected that the adolescent Norn wander the underdark for prey, today the Norn accept it when the young norn find a place to hide and survive the night. A hunted down beast of the underdark however increases the honor of those who bring it, and commend them for roles in the guard or as hunters and providers for the tribe.

Major organizations

The major political organization which Norn are part of is the Empire of Cun Moragh Norn, located far in the east of Ardu, and ruled by Queen Amarak.
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