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Mythology & Lore

The Creation

  In the beginning there was Darkness. But the Creator thought of a Light and so there was one. But the light was alone, so he created another one in the vast sea of nothingness, and this is how the Sun and the moon came to be, and then the stars. And he spoke to them "I will create, for i am the Creator, and you Sun, brightest of all, shall shine on it during the day, You moon shall light it in the night together with the stars. And then the Creator thought of a place called Ardu, with all its sky and waters and mountains, and so there was Ardu. But it was yet vast and empty and there was no life. But the creator was tired and thought that he provided the Canvas and everything that was necessary for life to come, and for the day his work shall be done. And he spoke: "It shall be enough for today, this is the first Aspect of my creation. I will rest. But this day shall be consecrated to those who provide and protect, and it shall be called the Father's day". And it was good.   On the next day the Creator thought "There shall be life" and so there was. Animals and beasts and plants in all forms began to populate the world. But it was chaos yet, new life sprung from old in chaotic forms, when it just wished it, and the creations would remain, as there was no death or end. And so the Creator showed mercy and thought "Let there be death" and so death there was. Then the creator thought: "Let there be those who provide and protect and create the circumstances for life, and those who give birth to new life from their loins" and so male and and female were separated. And then the Creator thought "Let there be those who have seed, and they are my favourites, as their form shall be stable. And they shall procreate not through thought, except among themselves" and the creator limited the ability of life to manipluate the Fae, which was his essence, such that only if both male and female agree the loins of the woman should be fruitful. And thus the separation of the faeborn and the seedborn would be complete, and finally the seedborn would overtake Ardu, while the others would die out, as it was his design. And the Creator was tired and thought that he provided life, and for the day his work should be done. And he spoke: "It shall be enough for today, life is the second Aspect of my creation. I will rest. But this day shall be consecrated to those give birth and foster new life, and it shall be called the Mother's day". And it was good.   On the third day the Creator saw that life was stagnant and prone to the sin of sloth, as it was fed by the Fae, without ever giving back to the Creators essence. Those forms of life he disliked would procreate, just as much as those forms he liked, and thus it would never die out and turn Ardu into a paradise of his creation. So instead of nourishing the life with the Fae, he made them prey upon each other, and thus hunger and conflict came into the world and it was good. And he made it, that the life was hard in that he created storms and other catastrophes. And the Creator was tired, because such destruction would take a toll on his benevolent soul, and he tought "For now this is neccessary, but once the seedborn have overtaken the world, it shall be a paradise again, without this strife." and that for the day his work should be done. And he spoke: "It shall be enough for today, Strife is the third Aspect of my creation. I will rest. But this day shall be consecrated to those who fight for their lives, and it shall be called the Warrior's day". And it was good.   On the fourth day the Creator thought "Let their be conscience like mine" and so the Human was created according to his countenance. And among all the creations it was his favourite, and so he made them seedborn and told them to procreate and fill Ardu and subdue it. And he gave the humans a sense for the fae, so they could sense his will and influence. And for most of the day the Creator was enchanted with the humans And so he called it a day and was for once not tired when he did so. And because it was the day intelligence and conscience came into the world he spoke "It shall be enough for today, Conciousness and intelligence are the fourth Aspect of my creation. I will rest. But this day shall be consecrated to those who think and learn, and it shall be called the Sage's day". And it was good.   In the time between the fourth and the fiftha day the stars, all except the sun and the moon, grew jealous of the The Creator as he had conscious beings worshipping him and they had not.   Unlike the creator they were unable to create new life and so they imbued consciousness into lifeforms that were already present and hidden in the eternal forests and other places, hoping that the creator would not notice them at first. And they also imbued them with trickery and falsehood so they could escape his sight and that of the Humans. Knowing that the faeborn were deemed to one day vanish from Ardu, most of them only imbued faeborn with it, hoping that it would not enrage the The Creator quite as much, should he discover them. Thus the dragons and elves and gnomes and other conscious beings would appear on Ardu. One of the stars though, the most brazen, would imbue the spark of consiousness into Wolf and Snake, both seedborn, and thus create the Wolven and the Snake Men. But when the Creator awoke, he did not take long to see the work. Furious at first he wanted to destroy all forms imbued with consciousness except the humans, but hesitated when he saw the grief it brought about the creation. And as most would vanish from Ardu over time anyway, faeborn as they were, he didn't. And he separated Wolven and Snake men from wolf and snake, such that their seed could not breed true with them anymore but only among themselves. And he deemed, that both would be blessed rarely with new children. But then he turned to the stars angry, and judged that they should not reap the joy of their falsehood. And with merely a thought he pushed them far away from the world until they were mere dots in the darkness that were unable to see what was happening on Ardu.The one who created Wolven and Snake men however, he took the name from and would disperse him among the sky as a reminder, and to this day where it remained there is only a foggy gash in the sky. And only the sun and moon were allowed tostay close as they did not take part in the betrayal.   Then he returned his attention to Ardu and saw that, despite his best intentions, falsehood had now found its place there. And to protect the humans he also imbued them with trickery and astuteness. And when this was done he was sad and tired, and he looked at the world and spoke "It shall be enough for today, Trickery is the fifth Aspect of my creation, and if my Humans use it, it shall be good. I will rest now. But this day shall be consecrated to those who use their wits to prevail, and it shall be called the Trickster's Day". And it was as close to good as it could be.   On the sixth day of creation the Creator noted that Death took more from Ardu then procreation could replenish. He also deemed that, after the sadness of the Tricksterday, he would like to share the joy that the Creation brought him. Thus he made it so that the beings on Ardu could feel his joy when they procreated and also made them able, if they were open for it and mindful to it, to see his joy in all parts of the world. And as he saw his creations and the joy they had in each others arms or marveling at the wonders he created, he called it a day and spoke "It shall be enough for today, Love and joy are the sixth Aspect of my creation. I will rest now. But this day shall be consecrated to those who make love and take joy in my creation, and it shall be called the Mistress's Day". And it was good.   On the seventh day, the humans prayed to Creator, for as life brought them Joy, death brought them sadness, as it was a loss of loved ones that would never come back. And as the Creator heard this, he felt compassion. And he decreed, that those of seedborn kin who died, would remain dead only until the world had changed and the Faeborn were gone. Then they were to return into the world that would be changed to a paradise without strife, to be back with their loved ones. And as this was something he had not thought of before, he spoke "It shall be enough for today, Hope in the face of the Unknown is the seventh Aspect of my creation. I will rest now. But this day shall be consecrated to those who lose their loved ones to the veil of death, and give them hope in my creation. And it shall be called the Unknown or Stranger's Day, and the people shall rest their daywork and commemorate their dead and my deeds and prasie them".

Tenets of Faith

  1. Humans are superior to all other beings.
  2. Conceiving with non humans via Faebirth is a sin. Halfbreeds shall be isolated from the culture of their non human parent in order to turn their human heritage dominant.
  3. Every being has his place in the plan of the Creator and should not deviate from it.
  4. Fae is the essence of the Creator. Arcane magic must be strictly controlled and may only be used to further his goals. Clerical wonders are by definition the will of the creator.
  5. Faeborn species (Elves, Gelf, Goblins, Orcs, etc...) are inferior to seedborn species (Humans, Yuan-Ti, Wolven).
  6. No other deity may be worshipped next to the creator. The Deities created like this are nothing but Demons.
  7. The aspects are aspects of one creator, not gods themselves. The Seven worshipped in Caldaven, Aquira, The Summer Isles and The Emerald Coast are nothing but demons too.


Priests and Clerics

  While the Creator himself is worshipped as a singular entity, the priesthood is split into seven parts, each part "serving" the aspect which the respective priest or cleric feels most strongly connected too. The priests and clerics of the church are called "Aspectpriests" or "Aspectcleric". The church is organized into seven chapters, each chapter "following" one aspect. The church however has no temples dedicated to distinct aspects. While people usually try to find a priest of the respective aspect in questions regarding it, the fact that the Creator is seen as the sum (or larger than the sum) of his aspects, means that, should no Aspectpriest or -cleric of the respective aspect be available, they can also go to servants of another aspect. The church distinguishes clearly between priests, who serve in the temples, and clerics, who are wandering priests and usually versed and equipped with weapons and armor. This is however a distinction of the place or way of their servitude, and not a statement regarding their aptitude in fights. Any priest, should he so desire, can become a cleric and any cleric, should he feel that it is time, can become a priest. As the warrioraspect is a well recognized part of the Church however, and clearly connected to the endgoal of the faith to live in a world free of beings who can only procreate via Faebirth, priests are expected to hone their skills in combat too. The Faith in the Creator is not a peaceful religion.  

Organization of the Faith

Next to the order of different chapters, The faith is also ordered in different Ordo, each responsible for one region.   At the moment there are 7 Ordo
  1. The Ordo Havensis
  2. The Ordo Oskrajis
  3. The Ordo Odhalis
  4. The Ordo Ulthuis
  5. The Ordo Eridanis
  6. The Ordo Aquiranis
  7. The Ordo Oromis

The Different Aspects

The Aspect of the Father
  Leader: Primarch Simion Merenthis.   The Father chapter is considered to be the most important one and provides the Primarch, who is the leader of the church as a whole, as this was decreed by the Founder when he fell ill to the Plague. The Chapter of the Father aspect is also known as the Community of Light and Protection.     Priests of the father cleric usually take the Role of abbots, so called Lightbringers in temples of the Creator, and their duties include the admisitration of the place.
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