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A classical Fantasy world on the cover, it's secrets run deep and go back millennia. As players discover more and more of the world, they also uncover these facts, and must decide if they want to make them their truth, and what to do with the knowledge. It is a campaign about decisions and consequences, philosophies on how to deal with evil and a personal journey to determine for oneself what evil is.   The world itself has enjoyed a time of relative peace, however this time is, due to the interests of several groups and beings, some of them ancient, some of them relatively new, coming to an end. And the players shall be the gust of wind that tips the scales... to whatever end.   A dominant church dictates the fate of countries and people within her grasp, enforcing peace by forcing them into a rigid framework of rules, all in the name of survival. Though some want to break free, and rebellion rears its head.However what is rebellion to one is heresy to the other.   Outside the "civilized" regions, the old wilderness remains, Elves, those that haven't been civilized, called Norns or Sitha, live in their hometrees tall as scyscrapers, while an ever fertile lifeforce brings about new life and new horrors equally, and tests the borders of the mighty structures that has held them at bay yet.   In this time of turmoil the heroes might be the deciding factor in determining if the world can find a balance, or tumbles down into the grasp of encroaching corruption, dictatorship, chaos or even destruction itself.


The Ardu Campaign

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (DnD5e)

The Campaign is Full



  • Map of The World Ardu

    This is a Map of Ardu, containing the names of the major regions / countries / landmarks and cities. It also shows rivers and streets, and thus the major infrastructure. The overall continent is 11000 km in diameter, so aproximately as big as Eurasia.

  • Map of Ardu (Political)

    This is a map of Ardu depicting the political influences. Not all regions depicted here have a central government, or even a government at all, however in the common knowledge of the inhabitants of Ardu they are usually clustered as one region from which... let's say... a character could come from.

  • Map of Map of Caldaven

    This map contains the entirety of the realm of Caldaven. Additionally it shows the northern part of Aquira, and the parts of the Norn Realm Cun Moragh Norn, which border on the Eastern parts of Caldaven.

  • Map of Caldaven Political

    This Map depicts the borders of Caldaven, as well as the 18 duchies of Caldaven.