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Desert Goats

Herds of the Uluswa

"Hey- Gabril, look over there!"
"By Kirïal the Shepherd. Is that a herd of goats? How in the world are they alive? We just passed a entire family of lions!"
"A pride Gabril, its a pride of lions. Anyways, I think they belong to the Uluswa- only way they can survive."
— Dialogue between two (stranded) Danatelian travelers

In most Uluswa tribes, there are about 5 goats for every human. These goats are the Uluswa's main ressource, and they are treated with respect and cared for with love. In exchange for the milk and food they produce, the Uluswa protect their herds of goats from predators and storms, help cure their illnesses and injuries. For the Uluswa, the goats are not their property- instead, the relationship is viewed as co-dependant, for neither could survive long without the other.

Goat Herders

If one meets a group of goats roaming the Lands of the Wind, they will likely meet goat herders too. These individuals, mounted on horses and aided by a few dogs, are responsible for surveilling the group, following them around and keeping them safe from danger. They are some of the tribe's best warriors, able to kill a lion with a single well placed arrow.

Danatelians believe all Uluswa to be nomads, but in truth it is only the Goat Herders. They travel in groups of 10 to 15, returning to their home village every few weeks. Occasionally, herds of different tribes may bump in the vast fields of the lands of the Wind. If the tribes are on good terms, the encounter will be amicable. But if there is bad blood, Goat Herders might attempt to charm the rival herd into following them- though rare are those who would spill blood needlessly.

Killing a Goat

As per the Cult of the Three Suns, the Uluswa believe all living creatures to be kindred souls. They do not place themselves above them, and when a goat is killed it is done with the respect and ceremony granted to their fellow tribeskin.

The animal is put to death by a Käban, under a night sky. Its body is then treated in accordance to the tribe's death rituals, and the Uluswa will make sure to use every last part of the body, so that the death was not in vain. What they do not use they return to nature, so that scavengers and other animals may feed, and so that life may continue.
CW: animal death
Type: Goats
Habitat: Lands of the Wind
Temperament: Stubborn, playful, friendly, loyal
Coat: Short hair, grey or light brown
Life span: 15 or so years
Produce: milk, cheese, pelt, meat, bones

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