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Sacred Saplings

Seeds of Zare Masni

"And with this seal, I make you awake. You are Zeqaria Valoran, protector of the Valoran clan."
— Dayiara Nurturer

Zare Masni, the faithful guardians of the Dayiara people, can be made only from saplings which grow in the Dayiara's sacred sites. To create a new Zare Masni, a Dayiara Nurturer must travel to a sacred site, where they will retrieve a carefully selected sapling and bring it back to their home.

Sacred Sites

Before the arrival of the Danatelians, the Dayiara lived within sacred sites known to them as Khave's Breath. They tended to the plants and spirits which dwelled there, conducting the fertility rites necessary to maintain their power. But they were chased from their lands during the Danatelian Conquest, and most of their sites on Arda Almayed were forgotten or destroyed. The only remaining sacred sites are spread throughout the Thunder Chains and the Lands of the Wind, far from the Green Valley where the Dayiara have hidden themselves from the world.

These sacred sites are places of natural power. Magic flows strongly in these grounds, plants thrive in wonderful ways and strange, quiet creatures hide among the leaves. In some sites, families of Dayiara have stayed hidden for centuries, refusing to abandon these holy places. They are visited every few months by Nurturers, sometimes accompanied by other Dayiara who wish to take the pilgrimage to Khave's Breath.

Selecting a Sapling

When a Dayiara reaches a sacred site, they will immeidatly begin to look for a plant suitable to their needs. Nurturers from different clans each possess their own, unique criteria, but there are a few all share in common: the plant must be young, and the plant must be able to grow tall.

But because the saplings are all imbued with magic, it is difficult to say how one's selected sappling will turn out. This unpredictable process is what results in the creation of Zorana's, or "failed" Zare Masni. These awakened plants are not suitable to serve as warriors and protectors, so they are returned to the sacred site where they will serve as its caretaker and guardians.
Description: Plants found in sacred sites
Species: Any species of plant can do, as long as imbued with Magic
Usage: Creation of Zare Masni
"Failed" Zare Masni by Armand Goxe
Zare Masni
Species | Jul 7, 2022

A species of sentient plants used to protect Dayiara clans.

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Author's Notes

Return of the Zare Masni! Thank you to Amélie for helping me brainstorm :)

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