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Malakut (Meh-koo-too)

"So tell me about the Malakut, what kind of place does it look like?"   "Well here's the thing, it's not a single place like a city or forest. And you don't really walk into it, it's like another world on top of this one. It's always been everywhere really..."     The Malakut (also called Al-malakut, the Realm of Dominion, the Kingdom, the Aether) is a parallel plane of existence where subtle matter and spirits originate from. It occupies the same space as every objects but physical matter simply passes through everything that makes this alternate space.  


  Malakut is the spirit realm most directly adjacent to the material plane of existence known to the jinn as Nasut. As such beings within this realm can look into that adjacent material one as if they are looking through a frosted window. Peering through this foggy view allows a creature to see into the adjacent world, to see creatures moving, and the landscape around them. However since Malakut is composed of subtle matter and entities within it are also composed of that same substance, most material objects are intangible to those visiting or native to this realm.    


    Al-Malakut is adjacent to not only the material plane but also to other dimensions      serves various purposes, the first is to provide an environment for spirits on the planet. It also serves as the gateway to other dimensions, known as spirit realms. A secondary effect of the realm is to serve as the collective unconsciousness of all the beings that are living or have lived on the planet. Primitive life developed a universal unconsciousness which only grew stronger with the arrival of animals with complex thoughts, especially sapients with their capacity for cognitive processes like abstraction.    


  So far it is thought that in the earliest days of Kaf, the mana of the planet and the weak psychic emanations of the living things of the world caused the trillion of subtle particles that pass through to gradually coalesce into the Malakut.   Once this took place, the variety of spirit lifeforms on the planet began to flourish. Later on, a special class of spirits known as deities used the realm as a gateway to create their own separate spirit realms like Godrealms, Afterlives, and Otherworlds. This lead to the creation of various isolated places for spirits to live separate from the Malakut and corporeal beings. Godrealms generally served as the dwelling places of divinities and their consorts, afterlives were where the consciousness of the departed ended up, and Otherworlds were made for other spirits and sometimes other creatures to inhabit.   Ghulat Wars changed this dynamic as battles were being waged in these alternate worlds as well. Due to the conflict, most of these spirit realms or the link to them through the Malakut was lost. For most beings afterwards, Al-Malakut is the only real spirit realm left.


If  Nasut (the physical plane) is full of the everyday atomic matter we can touch, then the Malakut is the spiritual plane, made up of a substance that is intangible to normal matter yet tangible to spirits. It coexists as a parallel layer of the Material Plane, its structures and beings roam the same space as the physical beings but without being noticed or touched by them. It is possible to see into the physical plane from the Malakut, however, it has a faded hue to it. Although it occupies the same space, it as if the Malakut doesn't exist since it can't be perceived with most of the physical senses like sight, hearing, or touch.  


  Al-Malakut is natural plane of existence for spirits, as intangible subtle matter like teleplasm exists there by default. Although many spirits can manifest a physical form to exist in the material plane, they can dispel or exit this construct to return to it.   For corporeal beings made of molecules, the only way to "enter" the Malakut, is by the body becoming composed of subtle matter or have the same properties as it. There are a few spells and rituals that can make this happen such as astral projection.   Corporeals with ESP can also perceive Al-Malakut around them and the beings within it, although this usually doesn't come with touching on its own.      


  Micro Gravity: Travel in the Malakut is accomplished by force of will—you wish to go somewhere and you do, it also determines speed. There is a sense of up and down but gravity's pull is barely felt, allowing free movement (in most cases) in any direction through the solid matter of the material plane.   Objects released from possession would only very slowly fall where they were dropped; it's extremely difficult to fall in the Malakut.     Normal Time: Time passes the same rate as the physical plane.   Akashic Magic: Spells and abilities work as usual but most do not affect the physical plane. Psychokinetic force seems to be the exception though it requires a significant amount at one time to have a real effect.

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Spirits are the major inhabitants of the Aether
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Soul of the World, Barzakh, Akasha, Astral Plane
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