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Zanjium is an tropical region that makes up most of the Dunia continent.


It encompasses a tropical rainforest stretching along the western coast of and across most of the region to west of the Maziwa Great Lakes. South of the Nigritia desert, two belts of tropical grassland and savanna run east and west across the region, from the Euxine Sea to the Seme Highlands. Immediately south of the Nigritia lies the Sahil belt, a transitional zone of semi-arid short grassland and acacia savanna. Rainfall increases further south in the Zanj Savanna, a belt of taller grasslands and savannas. The Zanj Savanna is home to two great flooded grasslands, that serve as the region's only wetlands. The forest-savanna mosaic is a transitional zone between the grasslands and the belt of tropical rainforests near the equator.

Fauna & Flora

Prominent tree species in the savannah include the paperbark thorn, the white thorn and the axlewood tree. The Acacia savannah is characterised by species such as the red acacia (also known as the shittah tree), the scented thorn, the desert date, the axlewood tree, the jujube and Combretum glutinosum.   Desert- snakes, porcupines, gazelles, camels Sahil- hyenas, leopards, vultures, elands, elephants Savannah- elephants, cheetahs, hippo, lions, zebras, giraffes, rhino, baboon Rainforest- gorillas, monkey, crocodiles, parrots, snakes

Natural Resources

Numerous crops have been domesticated in the region and spread to other parts of the world. These crops included sorghum, castor beans, coffee, cotton, okra, black-eyed peas, watermelon, gourd, and pearl millet. Other domesticated crops included teff, enset, Songhai rice, yams, kola nuts, oil palm, and raffia palm. Domesticated animals include the guinea fowl and the donkey.
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