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Dunia is a large and varied continent with a variety of biomes and cultural diversity. Being very rich in natural resources, the continent competes with Dinillahi as one of the wealthiest in the modern world.   Traditional Dunian societies are communal, they believe that the needs of the many far out weigh an individual needs and achievements. Basically, an individual's keep must be shared with other extended family members. Extended families are made up of various individuals and families who have shared responsibilities within the community. This extended family is one of the core aspects of every Dunian community.


Dunia is commonly seperated into two overall regions based primarily on climate: the Xeric region and the Zanjium region. The Xeric region is known for its deserts and shrublands, leading to a very arid region and micro regions around its exterior. As one enters into the interior of the continent, they will find the transition into the region of Zanjium with its large savannas and the large central rainforest found in its interior.


This land has an apparently boundless immensity where the atmosphere is filled with primal emotions. The fight for survival is one of the keynotes of Dunian life, reflected in the fear present when herds of animals move across the landscape fleeing from an unknown danger. Yet there is also a gentle side to Dunia's nature seen in the buds, flowers, luxuriant green forests, the rains, the savanna, and the deserts. Viewing Dunia from this point of view the struggle for life appears less intense.

Fauna & Flora

The vast deserts of Dunia hold host to numerous animals and plants that have adapted to the extreme conditions like camels, various birds traveling from the coast and back, snakes, scorpions, meerkats, small herds of oryx. Plants mainly take the forms of small shrubs and weeds as cacti are rare.   Within the forests, thick vegetation blankets the terrain and main trees dominate the area. Within lies a huge variety of fauna such as pythons, small antelopes, monkeys such as baboons, wart hogs, gorillas, and elephants. By the riverside, creatures can be found like crocodiles and hippos.    The savannahs are a host to many endemic species of note such as elephants, pelicans, antelopes, zebra, buffaloes, rhinoceros, wildebeests, giraffes, hyenas, cheetahs, and lions.
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