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Jambudwipa (Jah-boo-du-wee-pah)

Jambudwipa is one of the eight continents of the world of Kaf. Most of Jambudwipa was originally covered by forest, include tropical and subtropical moist broadleaf forests, with tropical and subtropical dry broadleaf forests predominant in much of Varsa and parts of the Jambu Tropics. The tropical forests of Indomalaya are highly variable and diverse, with economically and environmentally important trees.     Jambudwipa is home to a number of endemic species, both plant and animal. Some examples of endemic species found here include: fairy bluebirds, gibbons, treeshrews and Kitti’s long-nosed bat, and Philippine creepers. Other large mammals that can be found in the Indo-Malayan realm are the leopard, tiger, orangutang, Indian rhinoceros, Asian elephant, and water buffalo.

Fauna & Flora

The subfamily Dipterocarps comprises characteristic tree species in Indomalaya's moist and seasonally dry forests, with the greatest species diversity in the moist forests of Borneo. Teak is characteristic of the seasonally dry forests of the Jambudwipa. Tropical pitcher plants are also characteristic of the continent, and the greatest diversity of species is in the Jambu Tropics.     Two orders of mammals, the colugos and treeshrews , are endemic to this realm, as are bumblebee bats, tarsiers and gibbons. Large mammals characteristic of Jambudwipa include the leopard, tigers, water buffalos, elephants, Jambu rhinoceros, tapir, orangutans, and gibbons. It also has three endemic bird families, the fairy bluebirds, eastern barbets and Rhabdorn creepers. Also, characteristic are pheasants, pittas, Old World babblers, and flowerpeckers.
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