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Yaojing, also popularly known as "the Far East" (especially when compared the the other "East", Mashriq) is what used to be known to foreigners as a mysterious land inhabited by various races of exotic tea-sipping rice eaters. Behind the caricature, though, is a uniting factor in the form of Jianghese influence: Jianghu , as by far the largest and, historically, the most technologically and socially advanced culture in the region, has given its writing system (Ji), religion (Mahayana Sramana) and its philosophy (Ruism) to all the countries in Sinim. However, underneath these superficial similarities lie a vast range of differences. The geography alone covers the gamut, from the arid steppes and vast deserts of Wusigo, the lush rice paddies of south central Jianghu and the beaches of the subtropical islands of Laukau. The upheaval of the past centuries has also led the countries of the region along strikingly different paths, with the hyper-modern skyscrapers and consumerist culture of Wakoku having little if anything in common with the laid-back pastoralism of northern Gojosen.   Despite the unifying factor of Jianghese influence, scratch below the surface and you will find a wide range of cultural differences. In Jianghu itself, the local customs, traditional architecture and cuisine vary widely from region to region, and people native to one region may find certain customs from other regions entirely foreign. In addition, the respective ethnic minorities also practice their own local customs. While the traditional cultures of Gojosen and Wakoku have obvious Yaoji influences, they still retain many native elements which make them unique in their own right.
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