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Selenian Console

Describe a ruined structure that nature has reclaimed. What was its original purpose?   The Selenian Console are ruins that were discovered near in underground caves below Albions mountain range. Painstaking research has went into discovering its purpose which appears to be one if not the main place where research for the speculative "Lunar Terraformation Collaboration" project had taken place. It current consists of the remnants of room housing a worn calculating machines that would have likely have tabulated various mathematical formulas.

Purpose / Function

The archeological evidence points to the ruin originally being a research station or possibly an ancient laboratory room.


It is believed that millions of years ago, the civilizations of antiquity came together and constructed this site which was used to compile information needed to understand the logistics of space travel, specifically to the moon.
Approximately 4.3 Million years ago
Founding Date
Approximately 4.38 Million Years Ago
Alternative Names
Lunar Project Ruins
Room, Scientific, Laboratory
Parent Location


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