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The Albions are the prominent mountain range of the Ecumene region, including its highest peaks. Many areas of the Albions are covered by eternal snow and ice. Abalus, Arcadia, and Thule are often referred to as the mountain countries because much their territories are geographically and culturally dominated by the mountains.

Fauna & Flora

Albian plants are grouped by habitat and soil type which can be limestone or non-calcareous. The habitats range from meadows, bogs, woodland (deciduous and coniferous) areas to soil-less scree and moraines, and rock faces and ridges. A natural vegetation limit with altitude is given by the presence of the chief deciduous trees—oak, beech, ash and sycamore maple. Above the forestry, there is often a band of short pine trees, which is in turn superseded by dwarf shrubs.       The Albions are a habitat for 30,000 species of wildlife, ranging from the tiniest snow fleas to brown bears, many of which have made adaptations to the harsh cold conditions and high altitudes to the point that some only survive in specific micro-climates either directly above or below the snow line.       The Albions are known as the original home of people groups like the Alban Hauflins.


Tourism (and the economy in general) is very much geared towards skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports throughout most of the Albions. In ski resorts, despite a new focus on summer time activities such as hiking or golf, some of the hotels and other facilities may close. This increase in summer time sports such as mountain biking, golf, parapenting, or whitewater kayaking is now fueling the growth of the alps as a year round tourist destination. The Albions have always been popular as a mountaineering and hiking destination, but clearly this is nowhere near as lucrative for the locals as the tourist invasion during the winter season is.
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