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From humble streetgangs of Takuvia, to multi-system-spanning superpowers, herein lists the various factions of Aquila Palaxis.
  Standing as the most ubiquitous of all factions is the United Galactic Federation
  Takuvian Factions
  • Administration: Officials in charge of running the megalopolis of Takuvia.
  • The Kings: They say the king never died, that he only left the building, and those of The Kings call back to the king's style, being what locals call "Greaser"s.
  • Grove Wardens:
  • 55th Royals:
  • Akulian Hounds: Akulians who have formed a fighting force among Takuvia's toughest.
  • Binaryists: Adherents of the Binary Dawn, these are people that believe that the digital layer is their home to be.
  • Kymag's Boys: Led by the vesk crimelord, Kymag, gangers under his creed are ruthless and extremely dangerous. Some theorize that the Zoning system was devised in response to this gang, as officials didn't want to risk the lives of enforcement.
  • The Metallians: A relatively new force in town, led by the band of the same name, these leather-clad hoverbikers are often seen uplifting the community they've settled in with, rather than pressing them for protection money.
  Dakiupran Factions
  • Dakiupran Oligarchy: The governing body of Dakiupra, which includes the Bureau of Asmian Liaison Services under its umbrella.
  • Binaryists: The Dakiupran branch of the Binaryists are "more in touch" with their digital counterparts, it seems.
  • Asmian Mafia: Established fairly early into the founding of Nova Asmos, fronting as a subway tram operator firm, they only started to show their true colors when the zeitgeist shifted from typical resort, to sex haven on Dakiupra.
  Munazran Factions
  • Seclusion Heights: Remnants of the former civilization, they scraped by for a long while, until an extragalactic explorer happened to warp in nearby, and started offering assistance. Now, Seclusion Heights, as a faction, is starting to become recognized by near-space organizations.
  Ranedian Factions
  • Raneda's Reach: The main arm of Ranedus' military might, viewed with contempt by Repuismus.
  • Repuismus: Standing as a rebel force against the Imperatrix, Repuismus is composed of survivors of death sentences and ex-commanding officers of Raneda's Reach.
  Batavian Factions
  • Imperium of Batavia: Conquerors of the planet Ambracia, ruled currently(as of 1079) by Emperor Mamercus Quarto.
  Naulixi Factions
  • Avalon Illuminate: Mysterious to outsiders, this organization is known simply as the leader of the avali people
  • Hanazyo Kesumi: The "synthetic embrace", a group of avali- a clan, by technicality- that see synthetic life as the pinnacle of existence.
  Other Factions
  • Ebonscale Empire: Seen as a ghost organization, with very little substance, only existing in rumor and reported sightings. Their motives are completely unknown, as their purported leader is an enigmatic figure of few words.
  • Kuraiashi: Mysterious spies and assassins.
  • Sirahmaot: An army of reanimated drones, under the mad leadership of a mysterious Yalizan ruler, who seems to have complete, unquestionable control of the masses.
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