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Raneda's Reach

Standing as the Imperatrix's primary method of exerting upon local space, Raneda's Reach is subsidized into distinct battlegroups:
Tenaci: The ground forces, composed of mixed units of automatons, synths, and terrestrial/hover vehicles.
Ardere: Air superiority corps, though these units are often advanced, and at the bleeding edge, they are expensive and few in number.
Primasigna: Known more commonly as Ranedus' Vanguard, this group is Raneda's spaceborne vessels, comprised mostly of Karifos Weapons Platforms, though rumor has it that there sits a dreadnaught at the heart of the planet's guardian armada, claimed to be named "Imperatrix's Reach".
  This organization is often referred to interchangeably with Raneda's specific portion of the aristocracy.
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