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Corp List

A listing of all major corporations, both mega- and otherwise. Not all on this list will have dedicated pages, but make no mistake, they all have some impact on the galaxy at large.
  • ATO Global Research: A smaller corporation focused on consumer data archival and retrieval.
  • BladeTemple Industries: An Ilirian-funded, Takuvian-situated robotics company who produce some outlandish designs.
  • Caldera Specialized Development: Focused around mining and terraforming efforts.
  • Emerald Matrix: A mechanoid production firm situated on Saluphore. Obviously, the company is no more, seeing as the rest of the world was scorched in nuclear fire.
  • Kina-Wattrous Tech Amalgamated: The leading manufacturer of weapon and armor systems in the known galaxy. They have many subsidiaries focused on specialized equipment sets, including laser and ablative systems, or the plasma and kinetic shielding tech.
  • Novatek Media: Situated in Neo Ellyana, Takuvia, this part-time news, part-time propaganda station is seemingly the only media station that reaches all across civilized space.
  • NyxLink Industrial GmbH: A company that attempted long ago to keep a strong connection between the civilized worlds. As it turned out, maintaining that connection was markedly difficult.
  • Katsuragi: A Takuvian robotics/cybernetics firm.
  • TanoSys Data Security: A smaller corporation focused on consumer data archival and retrieval.
  • Toten Media Multisystem: News is their business, and they make sure they own every bit of news; even if that means buying out smaller up and coming studios.
  • ThetaCorp Services Corporation: Though they don't have a strong presence on Dakiupra, this interplanetary corporation is one of many that produce conventional weapon and armor systems.
  • psiSys Media Consolidated: It is unknown if psiSys is at all related to Psibase, but this company has countless teams researching how best to fulfill the needs of every kink known to the world, at least when it comes to watching material.
  • NIL Services Interplanetary: The company that owns a monopoly on the plant and meat grow-vats.
  • Psibase Services: While psionics are nonexistent(or poorly understood, depending on who you ask), this corporation has benched the market on pseudo-psionic technology, focusing on gravity manipulation fields and subvocal transmitters, emulating telekinesis and telepathy, respectively.
  • Marfedyak-Dilucca Galactic: A multi-planetary corporation who handles the bulk majority of interplanetary imports and exports.
  • Naka-Nova GmbH: A corporation focused on adult toy distribution, as well as minor production thereof.
  • Bureau of Asmian Liaison Services: The closest thing that Dakiuprans have to a mercenary liaison service.
  • Zechiel-Bowdoin Engineering Group: Focusing on tools of the trade, this pre-Blackout company has a long-standing run of reliable, sturdy pieces of equipment, ranging from Rivet Drivers to Blastcap Planters, among many more.
  • NHB Medical Group: Situated in southern Neo Ellyana, this shady organization is responsible for a fair number of gene-molds across the galaxy.
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