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ThetaCorp Services Corporation

A less financially popular, but no less widespread, weapons and armor manufacturer. They have a long-standing history with the Scout Corps, providing the standardized equipment to the Scouts. Many believe this is the sole reason the company hasn't completely gone under.
  ThetaCorp produces a fair number of additional products, including:
  • TCSC074LR "Azimuth": A fairly standard laser rifle with very few bells or whistles.  A fair number of these were famously requisitioned by Orashi Sudaban for the Recarro Project.
  • TCSC003HG "Field Scout": Compact and reliable, this handgun serves Scouts in the field with ease, probably how it earned its name.
  • TCSC012HG "Infiltrator": With a performance more or less mirroring the Field Scout arm, the Infiltrator integrates a suppressor to give it a wider range of usecases.
  • TCSC305SG "Defender MKI": Easily handled, with an ergonomic design, this submachine gun makes for an excellent last resort weapon.
  • TCSC211RF "Survivor": A rifle designed to hearken upon old, almost 'primitive' designs, eschewing a magazine in favor of an underslung loading port. Its spine has mountings for a scope, but the stock weapon does not come equipped with a scope.
  • TCSC208RF "Soldier MKII": Based upon a tried and true design unearthed by the Zechiel-Bowdoin Engineering Group, there isn't many innovations made with this weapon.
Corporation, Manufacturing
Alternative Names
TCSC, ThetaCorp