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United Galactic Federation

A Shell of Its Former Self

Known otherwise as the UGF
A hollowed husk with no power in the galaxy, or at least not enough power to maintain the various worlds during their respective downfalls.

Through the Looking Glass, an Alternate Reality

The seer through the veil
Similarly known as UGF, the people of Carina Lapotis observe a distinctly different federation, one that is much more capable and strong than Palaxis'.


UGF Blackwing / Blacklight: The declassified black ops wing of the Federation military forces, they were dismantled and disbanded after an unsanctioned infiltration mission went awry. Purportedly, future black ops missions will be carried out in the core teams.
UGFSC(Scout Corps): Originally founded as a simple planetary scouting firm, the Scout Corps has expanded to include native assessment and diplomacy operations.
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