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Originally founded as a simple planetary scouting firm, the Scout Corps has expanded to include native assessment and diplomacy operations.
Manned predominantly by Cagher and Eisan, there are realistically no restrictions on who can enlist in the exploratory corps.

Known Vehicle Classes

First Shadow Pathfinder: Initially commissioned by the UGFSC to serve as their workhorse scout vessel. With a moderately spacious interior, and room to expand, depending on the mission profile.
  Neukyu Hoverbike: An avali-made hoverbike, provided to the Scout Corps as a show of good faith.

Notable Discoveries

Para (Discovered in 1020 ABO)
Avalon (Discovered in 959 ABO by human Scouts)
Jeni{Ac1521} (Discovered ~100 BBO)
Expedition, Scientific
Alternative Names
Scout Corps
Ruling Organization
Parent Organization