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Kuraiashi (kə-RAH-ee-ah-shee)

Dark Paw
The shadowy clan of shinobi situated within the Acellar sector. Known as Tazosumyu in Sinumese, the Kuraiashi clan is notorious for- purportedly- absconding with promising youths, and training them into deadly weapons of shadow and wit.
There is rumors of a sect among them that focuses upon the use of living-steel proxies as living weapons, wielding gun and sword with equal ease.  They are purportedly known as the "Shiten'nō no Kage"(四天王の影), or "Ten'nō"(天王) for short.  Radical rumors claim that these Ten'nō can wield supernatural elemental powers, channeled through their living-steel frames.

Glory through action, unseen in shadows.

Secret, Brotherhood
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