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The sky-continent of Agelua is a collection of islands in the Aethergrande that lie to the east of Damir . Considered a backwater by Damirians, Ageluans instead see themselves as sophisticated and powerful continent, more than willing to showcase its power were it not so difficult to cross the Whirling Expanse.


Agelua is composed of huge landmasses, and the following nations are found within it:  
  • The Kingdom of Abalant, a feudal kingdom, once descended from the Kingdom of Elraba, in war with the other successor state, Midia.
  • The Holy Kingdom of Agni, an ecclesiarchy ruled by the High Presbyter.
  • Bandalia, land of Two Kings, a land jointly shared by a royal couple from two families, both referred to as “King”.
  • Caminoa, an industrialised halfling nation.
  • Confederation of Koerak, a collection of a dozen or so Orc and Half-orc states.
  • The Court of Air, an island nation that exists midway into the Feywild; one of the strongholds of the Fey.
  • Dorayon - a highly forested nation responsible for a lot of material supply to Caminoa.
  • The Iomander Confederacy, various small island states united as a trading power. The islands’ 3 major powers are metallic dragons, and are united in protecting the Confederacy from intrusion by other powers.
  • Ioveka, an exclusionist Dragonborn island chain
  • Lanthiria, homeland of the Lanthir
  • Lusenne, a half-even trading oligarchy
  • The Kingdom of Midia, a feudal kingdom, once descended from the Kingdom of Elraba, in a war with the other successor state, Abalant.
  • The Misty Marches, a city-state that acts as a academic centre for the Elven academy of magic
  • The Principality of Nidor, a principality whose leader claims to be of the last line of the Silver Princes.
  • Orelet, a fair-weather country known as the breadbasket of Agelua.
  • Stormholme, an area known for heavy confluence with the Nethergrande. It is considered highly dangerous, which makes it a perfect home for pirates.
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