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Mariade Aluel

A high-ranking member of the Skylarks

Mariade Aluel (a.k.a. Pisces)

Mariade Aluel, also known as Pisces, is a member of The Skylarks and one of the most powerful wizards in the Aethergrande.   When not performing duties as part of the group she engages in magical research. In recent times she has focused on major magical effects in Damir.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Mariade was born to prestigious Elven spellcasters based in (country). Already seen as a prodigy from a very early age, she displayed a willingness to push her abilities to the limit, and grew in knowledge to the degree that at an early age she had already surpassed many of her tutors, and was well beyond the reach of her contemporaries.   Such success at an early age breeds hubris, however, and it was during a crisis in (city), where her father died of a magical disease, that Mariade resolved to devote her life to finding the frontiers of magical research, and set off on her own to better herself in the world.   Shortly after leaving (country), Mariade got to know Gustavo Libra and they both founded the Skylarks, wanting to push their abilities further, and thus becoming known as the premier Skybound of the age.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Pisces enjoys collecting rings, and has amassed enough wealth that she simply buys out a jeweller's supply when she visits. She etches a fish mark on every ring, so any ring in the world that carries a fish mark is usually considered to have been in her ownership at some point.


Social Aptitude

Mariade has a very refined mannerism, and she tries to come across as gentle and sophisticated.

Wealth & Financial state

Mariade is independently wealthy, and as she enjoys buying magical rings and having them engraved, jewelers throughout Anira do not hesitate to welcome her into their shops.

Current Location
East Damirian
Year of Birth
1108 (38 years old)
Light brown
Brown and shoulder-length
67 kg
Aligned Organization
The Skylarks
Known Languages
Aluel is fluent in Elven and Common, while fairly proficient is most other languages spoken within the Aethergrande.

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