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The Skylarks

Ever Watching

The Skylarks are a famous group of Skybound that roam the skies of the Aethergrande. Feared by nations for their individual prowess as well as the might of their ship, the Vigilante, The Skylarks are considered equally outlaws and crusaders for justice wherever they are seen.   Since their formation, there have been 12 Skylarks. No Skylarks have left the organisation, and for the most part are free to do as they please, unless called to assist by their leader.       The current Skylarks are:

  • Gustavo "Libra" Libra - a Human fighter considered one of the strongest in Anira, who currently acts as the de-facto leader.
  • Mariade "Pisces" Aluel - an extremely powerful Elven wizard, who usually acts as second in command.
  • Ramius "Aries" Skarrius - a Half-elven warlock, renowned throughout Kirimand as a "one-man army".
  • Tuarega "Taurus" Baril - a Dwarven paladin of Tempus Fortems, the only known one in Anira.
  • Alexiel "Gemini" Fora - a Half-elven Druid known amongst the Lanthir as a dreamseer.
  • Papardolo "Cancer" Forza di Campo - a Human barbarian, notorious as a "leveler of cities".
  • Juno "Leo" Gallafarin - a Human ranger who acts as the group's logistics handler.
  • Oneida "Virgo" Camus - an Elven bard who writes the Tralmain Chronicles, a popular series of story books amongst the nobility, under the pseudonym "Astraea".
  • Artemis "Scorpio" Potems - a Half-elven monk who specialises in hand to hand combat from range.
  • Winnelo "Sagittarius" Turnhide - a jovial Gnome sorcerer who travels around on his portable cloud.
  • Kolin "Capricorn" Marducci - a master Lanthiri thief-turned-adventurer from performs a lot of reconnaissance for the group.
  • Taran "Aquarius" Atobar - a Lanthiri Cleric who is the group's primary engineer.


The Skylarks elect a first-among-equals, who serves as the de-facto leader for the organisation.

Public Agenda

The Skylarks usually broadcast themselves to be Skybound that go after the hidden mysteries of the world; public perception of them also includes alleged roles as mediators between larger organisations, and navies usually consider them an air power in their own right.

Ever Flying

Founding Date
Guild, Adventuring
Alternative Names
Nation on the wing, Lords of the Sky
Gustavo Libra
Controlled Territories
Organization Vehicles

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