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The Lanthir are a race of humanoids that reside throughout Anira. Sensitive to the movements of the wind and possessing innate navigation skills, they have become invaluable members of many crews, and many have moved out of their homeland of Lanthiria in search of crews and adventure.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

While modern Lanthiri will simply follow the naming conventions of other races, within Lanthiria they will follow traditional naming conventions.   Males are given soft-sounding names, to balance their hard souls by introducing some softness, while females are given hard sounding names, for the opposite reason.

Major Organizations

There are many representative organisations that deal with Lanthiri affairs:  

    • The Lanthir Trade Delegation holds talks with the Hanseatic League to establish safe trade channels from Agelua to Damir via the Whirling Expanse
    • The Lanthir Homeseekers are a charitable association with offices all over Agelua, helping wayward Lanthiri find their way back to the homeland.
  • The Windward Expedition is an organization tasked with the exploration of the Kirimandi frontier, in order to found a home base for Lanthiri in Kirimand.
  • Beauty Ideals

    The Lanthir prefer aesthetics that combine form and function. Lanthir engineers have helped construct beautiful pleasure vessels and cruise airships, while Lanthir architects are responsible for some of the more striking and beautiful structures in recent memory.

    Gender Ideals

    Lanthir society is primarily matriarchal, with female Lanthir found in abundance in government and major organisations.

    Common Taboos

    While it is not forbidden, relationships with non-Lanthiri are generally frowned against. It is expected that all Lanthiri will at some point in their lives return to the homeland and take a partner, and those who do not are generally treated as outsiders in Lanthiri society.


    The Lanthir have existed for as long as the Floating World has existed. One of the more peaceable races, Lanthir were quick to establish friendly relations with other nations as soon as airship travel became practical.

    Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

    Lanthir are very open to socialising with the other races of Anira, and have healthy relationships with other nations insofar as those nations are amicable to outsiders in general. As mentioned above, Lanthiri would prefer that those of their kind associate with their own in terms of forming pair bonds, but many Lanthir maintain close bonds with persons of other races.

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