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The Ton Sefr

A mythical crew that inspired more to take to the sky.

The Ton Sefr were a mythical crew that existed during the early age of airships in Anira. Found operating mostly in Agelua but sometimes seen in other continents,the Ton Sefr numbered only ten, but they were considered the mightiest adventurers of the age, and passed into history as saviours of the world on more than one occasion.


The Ton Sefr had a Captain, who acted as the leader in all decision-making situations, however all members of the Ton Sefr had the power and capability to act independently of each other.

Public Agenda

The Ton Sefr originally set out as a set of adventurers seeking fame and fortune, but later gained a reputation for protecting the weak and oppressed. Later on, they were known on such a grand scale that nations would approach them to mediate. At their peak, they served as representatives of sentient races and it is even said that they saved Anira from destruction by taking on a god head-on.


The Ton Sefr had three ships in total: the Yosher, the Ton Ish, and their flagship, the flying base Ein Soph. They headquartered themselves in Cascadia, a large island within Stormholme. The Ton Sefr are said to have amassed a large fortune and hidden it across different caches in Agelua. They were said to be without want, and all members were purportedly very wealthy.


The Ton Sefr officially ceased operations in 56 PHY, when the last living member of the group vanished without a trace.


Without Limits

Founding Date
209 PHY
Guild, Adventuring
Alternative Names
The Ten, The Eternal Ten, Legends of the Early Age, Saviours of the Floating World
Sainner Keter

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