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Anira, is the home of many nations as well as the Skybound - adventurers who use airships to ply their trade across the world.


Anira is composed of a series of floating islands (the Aethergrande), supported through mysterious means, while beneath lies the a tumultuous storm from which nothing is said to return, but is understood to be full of energy and precious resources (the Nethergrande). Island groups where travel is relatively easy are considered continents, while spaces between island groups are frought with dangerous and turbulent areas that make it difficult for trade.   The known lands of Anira have been mapped through efforts of the Hanseatic League; however, beyond the three known continents, very little information is available, as the expanses that border the known world are extremely dangerous to travel through, and only scattered accounts of what lies beyond exist.  


Anira is currently divided into three continents, separated by dangerous but not prohibitive expanses. They are:  
  • Damir - comprises the western half of the Aethergrande, with numerous mineral-rich islands that are home to some of the tallest mountains, and separated across the world in the west by a large stormy expanse. Despite this, Damir is known as the ancestral home of the airship, and the home of the Hanseatic League due to trade winds around the Whirling Expanse being favourable. The group is named after Damir, lord of the winds.
  • Agelua - comprises the northeastern half of the Aethergrande, home to some of the largest landmasses in Anira. Agelua is home to a rich assortment of cultures and budding empires. This continent is named after Agelua, deity of entrances and new beginnings.
  • Kirimand - comprises the massive southeastern half of the Aethergrande, and is composed of large amounts of medium and small islands. This group is also known for areas where the Nethergrande and Aethergrande interface, resulting in unpredictable weather. Cultures from Kirimand are generally regarded as being hardy. Named after Kirimand, lord of fire.
Alternative Name(s)
The Floating World, The Broken World
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