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The Arcantory Institution


The Arcantory Institution is controlled by the Arcane Eye who only answers to the Emperor of the Trugarian Empire. Under the Arcane Eye are research leaders who control small groups of talented Arcanists. There is also an arcane guard captain that controls the arcane guards that guard the institution. The captain reports directly to the Arcane Eye.


The Arcantory Institution believes they are foremost when it comes to arcane organizations. Their research and control over magic within the empire has given them much authority who the members of the institution take to their heart and head.

Public Agenda

The Arcantory Institution's agenda is to control and confront all problems in the empire that are arcane in nature. They protect the empire, the people, and dangerous secrets from ending up in the wrong hands. Even though this is their main objective it is not a secret that The Arcantory Institution uses their position to grow in power both political and in their research. The number of secret projects going on within the walls of their institution are only known by the Arcane Eye.


The Arcantory Institution owns a big land area outside Fangorn known as the Valley of Wisdom. The valley is big and very isolated from any settlement or other factions. In the valley, they have their base that is composed of a big castle, walls, barracks, and housings for the members. The Institution also possesses a handful of soldiers known as arcane guards that fight for them and protect the valley. The Arcantory Institution is very well when it comes to their economy as the empire funds all of their projects and endeavors.


It was established in A4 74 by Lorcan I The Wise. He meant that the empire should have its own institution for magical control, research, and a place to hold those who were gifted with magic, but had not the same intentions as the empire. The institution would differ from Shimmerford in that they would not accept anyone that had the capabilities but rather take people of interest who were handpicked by the institution, this would be either from the military, shimmerford, or other mages that were interesting in the eyes of the institution. The first leader of the arcantory institution would be Marcus Sterling or also known as Arcane Eye Sterling. Further leaders of the institution would be known as Arcane Eyes.

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Founding Date
A4 74
Research, Think Tank
Alternative Names
The Institution


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