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Conny Havensore

Conny Havensore

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Conny is a bit short and quite thin, she has a lithe figure and is of average strength.

Facial Features

Conny's face is thin and sharp with some dark freckles on her cheeks and nose.

Special abilities

Conny is a well trained evocationist and has increased powers relating to fire magic.

Apparel & Accessories

Conny often wears her flames of Payne coat and a golden shirt underneath.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Early Life

Conny was born a twin alongside her brother Brody to a well off family in Iron Stead. The two got along very well and were almost inseparable during their childhood. They were given a very free childhood as their older brother Carden was the one their parents taught their trade and wanted to get a high education so he could continue to provide for the family. Their lives were quite sheltered in Iron Stead until an event in A4 645 where goblins attacked the settlement and the guards were unable to close the main gates before the goblins stormed the inner city. Conny and Brody didn't manage to get within the walls of the keep and were stuck outside with goblins now closing in on them and the other unlucky peasants who were about to be skewered by goblins. When all seemed lost and the twins were huddling in fear about to face the end together a bright light could be seen from behind the goblins. Flames erupted from behind and rows and rows of goblins were being burnt and blown away. The goblins who previously had been an intimidating force that had the entire town in fear were now running away from the source of this magic. As the goblins ran or were immolated the smoke settled down and a figure emerged from it. A young tiefling woman who introduced herself as Archmage Nathala Exterminium came out and helped the townsfolk get back on their feet and moved massive piecesof rubble to free trapped townsfolk. Conny and Brody ranover to her and asked how she did it and she explained that she was an archmage from Shimmerford School of the Arcane Arts and that she was in Iron Stead on a small research trip when the goblins attacked. The twins were amazed by her and asked her if she could teach them how to do it. They wanted to learn so that they could protect themselves and others just like her. The archmage told them how to apply to Shimmerford and within a few months the twins were on their way to Evlora.  

Magical Educations

Conny and Brody had applied to Shimmerford and both of them got in and began their evocation classes in Nathala Exterminium's class. They were excited and motivated after having seen the power of evocation up close. Conny focused on the fire element just like Nathala, but Brody got a liking for the colder elements. They quickly progressed through the first circles of magic during their first years at Shimmerford. By the year A4 648 both of the twins had learnt the 3rd circle of magic and started the more adept classes. It was also around this time a recruiter named Fritz Mangerald from The Arcantory Institution cam to recruit possible members for the Institution. The twins didn't know much about what they were after or who they were but thought nothing of it. As the recruiter made his round through the students, he stopped at Conny and told her that she was to be taken back with him to the Valley of Wisdom and be part of the Arcantory Institution. She protested and said that she didn't want to and that she was not ready, but Fritz seemed to have other plans and demanded that she came with him or she and her brother would be expelled from Shimmerford. Conny thought about her brother and how they had never been apart for more than a few days at most, but she also knew this meant a lot to him and she couldn't bear herself to take it away from him. She accepted and had to say goodbye to her brother for a long while as the trip between Shimmerford and the Valley of Wisdom was about two months.   Conny arrived in the Valley of Wisdom at the Arcantory Institution a few days after having been recruited by teleportation circle. It was her first time teleporting and Fritz told her that within a few years that she would be able to do the same. She didn't really believe him as she had been told and knew herself that the 5th circle is incredibly difficult to learn and can take up to two decades of studying. Conny was given a personal room at the Institution and would begin her education the next day. It took her some time to adapt to the Institution and a life without her brother, but she managed to get some new friends there within the first months, something which made her stay much easier. Her classes were much more difficult at the Institution and the time between assignments was much shorter. She managed to keep up with the work and it seemed like she had impressed some people at the Institution as within the first year of her stay the Arcan Eye Entropy Novshade approached her and told her about a group known as the Flames of Payne. A secretive group within the Institution that worked in the fields and protectors and magic inspectors. Conny remebered how she originally wanted to learn magic to protect people and before Entropy could finish her offer, Conny had already said yes. The initiation process to became an agent was said to be difficult as the members need to have a magical stone known as a Payne stone inserted into their wrist to increase their fire magic and protect them from it, a process which was very paintful and had many side effects after the insertion. She went through with the surgery and fell quite sick after, she was bedridden by fevers for the next three months and her whole body felt like it was on fire. She often lost consciousness, sometimes for days at a time, but when it was finally over, the power she felt was worth it. Her training had to continue before she could be put into the field. Her progress at the Instituton was highly increased and she had learnt the 5th circle of magic by the end of her second year at the Institution, giving her the ability to teleport back to Shimmerford any day she would and meet her brother.




A short education at Shimmerford, before being transferred to the Arcantory Institution.


Working as an agent of the flames of Payne.
Date of Birth
7th of Sawakesh’Ar
Year of Birth
630 23 Years old
Iron Stead
Current Residence
Valley of Wisdom
Medium-long, brown, curly
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white
162 centimeters
48 kilo
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Common, Elvish


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