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Entropy Novshade

Arcane Eye Entropy Caroline Lennox Novshade

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Entropy stands tall for her race and gender, as well as being physically powerful. Her build is not wide but she is able to fend with her hands if magic is not available.

Facial Features

Entropy's face is sharp and strong. She has some dark brown freckles around her nose and has very inquisitive eyes.

Special abilities

Entropy is an extremely powerful spellcaster and sorcerer, being able to manipulate the weave with ease. She is believed to be a 9th circle spellcaster and have many additional talents.

Apparel & Accessories

Entropy normally wears a red military jacket with gold chains hanging from platinum buttons. Underneath she has a white shirt, she also wears a set of black leather pants, black gloves, and sharp high heeled black boots. On her military jacket, she has a symbol of a blue arcane eye with a golden lense.

Specialized Equipment

Entropy is trained in all weapon and can wear light and medium armor, but prefers to not wear any at all.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Entropy was born in A4 560 to Jensys Novshade and Vichorn Novshade. Her birth, however, was very special. Entropy was born a month earlier than expected during the middle of a harsh purple night. This purple night is believed to be the cause for her extreme magical capabilities that developed only a few year after her birth. While growing up Entropy had many problems with her magical abilities and some dangerous accidents. The worst was when Keenan was 21 years old and she had a breakdown and accidentally hit him with a power surge of arcane power. The blast left Keenan in a two year coma that would leave him changed forever. While Keenan was in a coma Entropy left to get her powers under control, she went to shimmerford and stayed there for 20 years. In A4 627 Entropy was recruited to the Arcantory Institution and after many years working at the institution she was promoted to the Arcane Eye of the institution which is the highest rank achievable.




Entropy has had decades worth of education. She was privately educated in history, diplomancy, commerce, science, and public speaking. She then studied and researched at Shimmerford School of the Arcane Arts for 23 years before continuin her education, research and private tutoring at the Arcantory Institution.


Entropy is currently the Arcane Eye and leader of the Arcantory Institution.

Mental Trauma

Her youth with many accidents and outbreaks left her cold and harsh towards most people.

Intellectual Characteristics

Entropy is believed to be one of the most intelligent people in the Trugarian Empire by both spellcasting standars and most other fields.


Family Ties

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Arcane Eye of the Arcantory Institution
Date of Birth
12th of Aredohir
Year of Birth
560 93 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Entropy Novshade was born during the middle of a purple night, which is believed to have sparked her extreme magical powers
Current Residence
The Arcantory Institution
One red and one brown
Short slik red hair combed backward
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
184 centimeters
64 kilo
Known Languages
Abyssal, Ancient Draconic, Common, Celestial, Daharian, Dentreene, Draconic, Dwarvish, Elvish, Infernal
Character Prototype
Ruby Rose


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