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Fritz Mangerald

Fritz Mangerald

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Fritz is of an average physical condition. He is not particularly strong but not weak either.

Facial Features

His face is strong and sharp with very authorial eyes. He also has some dark ginger stubbs.

Apparel & Accessories

He wears a dark red and black coat with a high black neck

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Early Life

Fritz was the third and last-born child to his parents. He was born into the Mangerald family in Fangorn who were a lesser known noble family. The family was known for their weapon production and was the founders of the spearhead guild in Fangorn. Fritz had much freedom to choose whatever path he wanted to walk in life, as his oldestsister Margeri was already well into her trainingand education to take over the family business when he had just turned 10. Fritz tried many things in his childhood and later started and dropped out of many schools before he had turned 18. He was not very motivated or driven in any direction, but Fritz joined one of his friend who were traveling to Shimmerford School of the Arcane Arts as he believed he was a sorcerer. When they arrived Fritz's friend learnt that he was not a sorcerer, but decided to study there anyway, Fritz applied to Shimmerford with his friend as he was suprised anyone could learn magic with enough training and education.  


Fritz had a hard time finding which school within Shimmerford he wanted to focus on. He spent the first 4 years just finding the school best for him after either failing or losing interest in some school or failing horribly and being kicked out by the teacher. He finally found a school of magic that spook to him, evocation. The archmage of evocation at the time Magyline Firebreeze took an interest to Fritz's progression as he was slower than most of the students. She offered to teach him after class to help him keep up, something Fritz accepted. The two worked well together and Fritz managed to not only catch up to his fellow students, but go past them. Fritz continued his work on his own after a few years of being trained personally by Magyline, who at this time spent much of her time training a new sorcerer who many believed was destined to become the next archmage after Magyline.  

The Arcantory Institution

In A4 638 Shimmerford was visited by a recruiter from The Arcantory Institution, her name was Caroline Novshade. She went over every student report from the last years between each recruitment and saw Fritz's improvement. She had him transfered and recruited into the Arcantory Institution, mostly against his wishes, but she promised him more resources and a chance to contribute more to the empire under the influence of the Arcantory Institution. Fritz didn't spend much time at the institution before he was settled down and already found some projects to work on. His control and power over evocation rapidly increased at the institution. Fritz was approached by Caroline within the first year to become part of a rumored group within the institution known as the Flames of Payne. They were a group of evocation focused individuals who does covert field work for both the empire and the Arcantory Institution. Fritz had heard some rumors about them during his time at Shimmerford, but decided to join them to see for himself. Part of his introduction to the flames of Payne was to have a Payne stone inserted into his right wrist. The stone was a magical focus for the agents and both increased his powers over fire and his resistance towards it. The process was painful and the side effects he endure over the next months were agonizing. When it was all over and he had tuned with the stone, he felt the new power that came with it and knew that it was all worth it. He embraced his new role as an agent for the flames of Payne and began his new work in the field.


Educated at the Arcantory Institution.


He works as a recruiter and researcher at the Arcantory Institution. He is also rumored to be part of the flames of Payne.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Became part of the Arcantory Institution.

Intellectual Characteristics

Very intelligent and insightful.


Family Ties

Date of Death
26th of Zen'horir A4 652
611 652 41 years old
Circumstances of Death
After being mended with a red construct to create the Red Conquest, Fritz was mercy killed by Entropy Novshade
Place of Death
Valley of Wisdom
Medium-long dark ginger
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white
181 centimeters
74 kilo
Quotes & Catchphrases
"You are not Arcantory material and you never will be!" "You will never live up to your sisters power" "Hiding behind a mask is the biggest sign of cowardice"
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Common, Elvish, Infernal and Celestial
Character Prototype
Christoph Walts (in his youth)


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