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Zavreeni Crevani

Arcantory Arcanist Overseer Zavreeni Crevani

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Zavreeni is tall for a female tiefling standing well over the average, she is also quite thin.

Body Features

Zavreeni has light red skin, black nails and a long tail almost the length of her entire body with a pointy end.

Facial Features

Zavreeni's face is very sharp with strong cheekbones and strong eyebrows. She also has dark freckles and short gray horns petruding from her forehead.

Special abilities

Zavreeni is a very powerfull sorcerer who has mastered all nine circles of magic. Not much is known about her pure sorcerer powers as she almost never shows them or talks about them to make her less predictable if she ever were to need them.

Apparel & Accessories

She wears a arcantory research robe in red, black and purple colors with a lesser version of the arcane eye badge on her chest.

Specialized Equipment

Zavreeni has a magical focus her sorcery in the form of a lesser version of the arcane eye badge. She also wears a custom robe imbued with magical capabilities ment to boost her magic.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Zavreeni was born in Port.Khalazan to a lowborn family. She was an only child and her parents were young fishermen who lived a decent life. Zavreeni lived much of her youth as a normal child who helped out her parents with their profession and attended basic school after having saved up enough money by fishing. Her parents were proud that she might be the first in their family to attend a real school and maybe even go to a collage later. In A4 628 when Zavreeni was 20 years old she had a boyfriend who she was going to move in with, he was a shoemaker and owned a small shop he ran out of his house. During their first week together they got into an argument and the heat and stress of the situation unlocked something in Zavreeni as she unleashed a blast of energy. The blast pushed her boyfriend through a window and almost collapsed the entire building. Her boyfriend survived but ran to the guards in fear of her. Zavreeni was in shock and had no chance to do anything before two people in red and gold uniforms came and dragged her out of the rubble while placing a set of purple cuffs on her arms. They were field agents from the Arcantory Institution , and they were going to take her with them.   The journey that she went on was long and tedious as she was kept in a metal cage on a caravan for almost a month before finally arriving at their destination. She didn't know where she was and the name Valley of Wisdom didn't help much. She did understand that this was the location of the Arcantory Institution, but she didn't know what their deal was, at least not yet. She was taken out of the cage and put within a holding cell that was laced with lead and had a weird humming sound coming from it. She spent a few days within the cell before someone came to her and began asking questions. A woman with red hair, one red eye and one brown eye came to her, her name was Caroline and she was the one that was going to debrief her about her situation. She learnt that she was a sorcerer and could be dangerous, she also learnt that she had a few choices before her, she could go through the sorcerer initiation trials of Shimmerford who would test her and figure out what her powers were. She could go to Autumn Rock where she would then spend a few years working in the prison as she would be charged with assault, illegal use of magic and magical destruction of property. Or she could join the Arcantory Institution under the supervision of Caroline as her apprentice, a deal which she had struck with Marcus Varmalius the leader of the Arcantory Institution. Zavreeni accepted the third option, even though she didn't know much of what the organization did.   The next years of Zavreeni's life was spent as an apprentice under Caroline where she learnt to control her magical abilities, but also enhance them and learn to use them more effectively. She was also given a very thorough education in both the organization's history, but also magical techniques, history and people of interest currently alive. She was very good at this and even though she was on the slow side when it came to her magic, her lorekeeping and ability to absorb knowledge helped the Institution more than any spells could. By her 10th year with the Arcantory Institution she was promoted to Arcantory Arcanist Overseer and given complete control over the research and information compiling area of the institution. She was very good at her job and gradually she started to evolve her sorcerer's abilities closer and closer to that of Caroline's. In A4 647 Marcus died of old age and a new Arcane Eye was to be raised up, Marcus had named Caroline as his successor and there was little to no argument about it. With Caroline's promotion came one to Zavreeni as well, she was not only the Arcantory Arcanist Overseer but became the right hand of the new Arcane Eye Entropy.




Basic education in her childhood years before a much longer and a thorough education at the Arcantory Institution.


Zavreeni is currently employed as the Arcantory Arcanist Overseer of the Arcantory Institution and its second highest ranking member.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Zavreeni has had many accomplishments with the Arcantory Institution, her many promotions and increased wealth has made her quite successful and wide known throughout the magical community within the Trugarian Empire. She was also raised to nobility alongside her growing wealth and was given the title of Lady by the Emperor himself. With her wealth and status she bought a beautiful lakehouse north of Port.Khalazan where she moved her parents, she also renamed the lake the Crevani Creek.

Personality Characteristics


Zavreeni is driven to prove herself and make a name for her family. She does not care all that much for pure power, but accomplishments and respect drives her.

Wealth & Financial state

Zavreeni's position and rank within the Arcantory Institution has given her immense wealth. She is one of the richest members of the Institution and her net worth is estimated around 150 000 gold.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Arcantory Arcanist Overseer, Right hand of Entropy, Lady of Crevani Creek.
Year of Birth
608 45 Years old
Silver, black eyeballs
Medium long, black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light red
175 centimeters
63 kilo
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Abyssal, Celestial, Common, Draconic, Elvish, Infernal


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