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Obera Ulyssant

House Ulyssant

(Legacy Content)

Saint Obera Halvere Ulyssant (a.k.a. The Sun's Raven)

And so, the light of great and honorable Solare will wash the sins of the past into memory, that they may bring upon us his brilliance in their redemption, that they will bring upon us his salvation. For even the darkest souls can be purified with but a mote of his light.
— High priest of Solare, Quael Gansreach
Obera Ulyssant, first-born daughter of Vylera and Adenon Ulyssant, had a short and eventful life planned for her the moment she came into the world. Her family of House Ulyssant - a fanatical group of demon worshipers - sought to use the immense, innate magical power in her blood as a sacrifice to bring about the Second Calamity and destroy their hated enemy of Armoria in one fell swoop. Though the world seemed to have other plans for the young soul, as she was gifted with Immortality upon being sacrificed, and resurrected into the burning hellscape brought about by the Colossus of Alore, a creature most foul that would go on to terrorize the entirety of the Saeralorean continent for millennia to come.   She was lost, without her supposed purpose, and a family she could not trust any longer - condemned to walk the burning world for eternity. That was until she found the light of Solare still burning bright in the last Saeralorean city, Snowcrest. And though she did not truly believe in the dogma of such a being, she took up his mantle to inspire the nation to stand against the darkness which sought to consume them - a darkness that she had helped to create.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Obera's physical form was eternally locked at thirty years once she was endowed with Immortality. She is described as being mostly unmarred, with not a blemish to be seen, and was seen to be in astonishingly good shape and condition from then on - her elders made extensive efforts to be positive that she was in very good physical health to ensure a proper sacrifice.   Obera also possesses the hallmarks of the Ulyssant bloodline's corruption, with deep crimson eyes and primarily black hair with red highlights being a dead giveaway to anyone who had previously interacted with the Ulyssants. She additionally possesses a long scar across her left eye going from her forehead to her upper jawline.

Special abilities

Obera possessed the ability to channel and manipulate Maijure, and took specifically to the school of Detrum in particular. She quickly deviated to fire magics as a replacement to dark magics, since she despised using dark due to its ties to her family. This is despite it being objectively the far more powerful and potent of the two in her repertoire.   Additionally, Obera was Immortal, meaning that she could not die by any normal means. Only once very specific circumstances have been met, or if she is slain by an especially otherworldly force, would she be permanently killed. In fact, it is believe that her specific condition was met at the time of her death, as opposed to some strange forces.

Apparel & Accessories

Obera in her first twenty years always wore the robes of her family, House Ulyssant, even up to her sacrifice. After this, she ditched the family attire for her iconic black-grey long-coat embroidered with raven's feathers. Aside from this, she wore loose-fitting and rugged pants suited for travelling, alongside a set of heavy boots. She was also known to be quite skilled with her rapier, a sidearm she carried throughout her journeys, though she was admittedly no master swordswoman as she preferred to blast opponents with fire magic.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Obera Ulyssant, from the moment of her birth, was groomed to be a "perfect" sacrifice by her family of nobles in House Ulyssant in their efforts to bring about the will of Balraious-Kaneig. Their efforts would spur the creation of the Balraious Conclave. Particularly, her family was interested in her astonishingly strong Maijuric potential - this resulting from generations of her family bloodline strengthening the dark magics. These magics were originally gifted to them by Balraious-Kaneig himself in exchange for their service. This dark gift made her - in their view - a perfect candidate to serve as the catalyst for a demonic invasion, as several demon lords would be foolish not to take the opportunity to claim a portion of Balraious' power.
However, as they and all of Alore would soon learn, it was not demons that would answer their summons...
— The Alorean Compendium, a History
Once Obera turned thirty years old, her elders sought about bringing the calamity to fruition, taking her to a secret location within the high-palace of Armoria, their most hated enemy, under the cover of a feigned-siege. It was upon that altar that her life as a Ulyssant ended, clutching the doctrine of her family in her gritted teeth.  

Obera the Forsaken

  When she next awoke, she was covered in blood and soot as the once unbreakable city of Armoria fell around the altar she was slain upon, with the all-annihilating force of the Colossus of Alore looming over the landscape in the distance. She was without her purpose, and came to find years later that this event cost her family almost everything - that they became a shamble of what they once were. She discovered the hard way that to claim their namesake any longer would mean being ostracized and alienated from society. So she drifted for millenia, wandering the Saeralore that she helped to create - a land devoid of hope - all the while she tested the ever evolving darkness within.  

The Redeemer and the Redeemed

  The next time society would see Obera was when she made the journey across the continent to Snowcrest, the last large city on Saeralore left in the wake of the Colossus. It was there that she met the city's then high-priest of Solare, Quael Gansreach, who showed her that nothing could truly break the Alorean spirit so long as they had something to believe in. Mere days after this fateful meeting, the immortal Obera would use the immense and shunned magical power that had been festering within her all this time to repel the Colossus singlehandedly - a feat that took the combined effort of all the city's prior weapons and magics. Though she could never deal it a lethal blow, she learned that for all its mindless obliteration it showed respect to those who could show it world changing power. It was with this single act of selflessness, after several lifetimes of isolation, that the people could see light within even the greatest darkness, just as the word of Solare had dictated.   From this act, Obera saw something she had been missing all this time: a family, perhaps not by blood, but a family in vested interest. Her induction into the Solar Monastery accompanied her receiving the title of saint, and her new purpose became clear. She would go on to rally and inspire the people of Saeralore with the words of the sun - exact words she didn't truly believe, but their message was made clear to her and those she taught. She lead her followers to great prosperity, repelling the Colossus when it came too close, and reclaiming land once thought to be lost. Her deeds would come to be remembered by all of Saeralore, even after her death all had thought impossible.

Mental Trauma

Despite her redemption at the hands of her trusted friend Quael, she could never truly shake the truth of what her family had done to the people she now sought to help. This fact haunted her all throughout her immortal existence, directly leading into her drifter lifestyle after discovering exactly what had happened on that fateful day.


Family Ties

Obera's family, House Ulyssant, slowly died off after the Colossus of Alore was risen from her sacrifice. As of about eight-hundred years before the Second Calamity, the remainder of her family members had either died or disappeared. The full list is as follows, only including those members remaining after the fracturing of their house, and descending by age:
  • Adenon: Heart failure due to age and stress. Died at an astonishing five-thousand and twelve years old.
  • Obera: As described herein.
  • Lynael: Dead. Presumed to have been slain by Adenon as punishment.
  • Charth: Missing. (Not presumed dead due to her Vampirism.)
  • Jours: Missing. (Presumed dead)
  • Cecilia: Dead. Slain by Dhelamut, the Sovereign Lord during the Sovereignity Crisis.
  • Theryl: Dead. Slain by Adenon as punishment for failing an important task.

Religious Views

Upon being inducted into the Solar Monastery in Snowcrest, Obera became exceptionally familiar with the doctrine of Solare. Although she herself never truly took to the doctrine with great fervor, she chose instead to embody the meaning set within, especially the themes of redemption and individuality.


Obera's speech patterns always seem to indicate an underlying sense of melancholy, in part due to her past trauma, but mostly due to her societal rejection upon learning the truth of her family and everything they had sought to accomplish. This was sustained even after her redemption at the hands of Quael Gansreach, and followed her like a shadow through the rest of her life.
Divine Classification
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Sun's Raven, Embodied Redemption
4926 10160
Circumstances of Birth
Obera Ulyssant was born to the fanatical House Ulyssant, who groomed her to be a potent sacrifice to bring about the demonic calamity.
Circumstances of Death
Obera, according to official records, died twice: once as the sacrifice that brought the Colossus of Alore into being, and again as the Second Calamity reared onto Alore, appearing to falter to sudden cardiac arrest.
Within the manor-house of Ulyssant.
Current Residence
Beneath a statue of her in Snowcrest, commemorated to her deeds of inspiration and second chances.
Crimson Red
Waist length black, fading into bright red towards the ends - a hallmark of the Ulyssants' corrupted bloodline.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
5' 9" (1.8 m)
180 lbs (82 kg)
Quotes & Catchphrases
Irony is the worst company. Out of all my family, I got to live through the end of it. Lynael - eldest brother too weak to protect what he loved. Charth and Jours - twins both touched by further corruption, one of Vampirism and one of direct demonic presence. Cecilia - poor thing, innocence taken by a tyrant lord's quest for dominion. And Theryl - the boy with foolishness to match ambition. Father Adenon - too old to bare the weight of the world any longer, waiting for a prophecy that never came. And... me. Obera - the traitor that couldn't even die right, and plunged these people into such hardship. I got to live. A sick irony pervades my very existence, and ensures that every day I do not forget its presence.
Known Languages
Obera learned only Alorean during her first twenty years of life, as her purpose gave no reason for her to learn further. It was only after her revival that she took interest in other cultures - particularly that of the Faneir-kin and Arbo-kin given their typically isolated nature from Alorean settlements, learning both Faneos and Arbos respectively. Though even here her family's reputation would sometimes force its way into conversations.


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