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The disease known as Vampirism stems from the creatures themselves, as Vampires are the only result and carriers of this condition. Vampirism is synonymous with the creatures that carry its blight, both of which often described as fiendish and vile, the only purpose of which is to drain away life until nothing but this fallacy of life remains.

Transmission & Vectors

Vampirism is transmitted through the transfusion of vampiric blood into an unaffected victim. This is typically achieved through direct interaction between a vampire's blood and the victim's bloodstream that occurs when an injured vampire bites a victim, but is not able to - or simply refuses to - drain its victim. Depending on the amount of blood transfused, the transformation can occur rapidly within hours, or slowly within days. However, a certain ratio must be achieved before any transformation can occur, typically one or two pints (0.4 - 0.9 L) of vampiric blood with cause transformation in an average adult Alorean, though depending on the species more might be necessary.


Once contracted, Vampirism will always result in one of two outcomes: either the victim dies from the strain that the attack and subsequent transformation causes to the body, or the victim will be turned into another Vampire. The transformation typically results in a number of physiological changes from the victim's original body, namely the teeth and fingers extending into fangs and claws, the changing of eye color from whatever the original color was to a luminescent deep or vibrant crimson red, and the general loss of vibrancy in one's skin tone. Additionally, the victim is subjected to bloodlust if they do not continually feed on some manner of blood, becoming feral and animalistic until an adequate amount of blood has been feasted upon.


As with all other forms of Demora, Vampirism has no discernable cure as of now - once a person is affected by vampirism, they are transformed for life.

Affected Groups

Vampirism can affect any sentient, sapient being of any race, ethnicity, age group, gender, or other variable. Typically, people of age groups other than early adulthood will be progressed or regressed to that state during their transformation.


Vampirism can be prevented much easier than any other form of Demora because it can only be transmitted by other Vampires. This is often more easily said than done however, especially for many bounty hunters and adventurers who often times must go up against these sorts of creatures.


Vampirism can quickly and easily spread through entire populations is the proper measures are not taken, though it is often less likely than other forms of Demora since it cannot be transferred by anything other than direct blood contact. Thusly, no Vampiric demon plagues will likely occur.


Vampirism is known to come from the very first Vampire, which in itself was a project taken on by an arrogant demon of pride attempting to create a body for himself that will both last forever and can gain strength from foes it fell by consuming their biological material. This of course failed, and the resulting experiment was released into the world to spawn its progeny.

Cultural Reception

Vampires are typically seen in the same light as other Doeveiga, usually from a negative disposition. As a result of their unfortunate situation, Vampires typically maintain whatever employment they can muster, usually jobs that allow them to feed without incurring the wrath of societal law, such as executioners, hunters, or butchers. Regardless of how far the Doeveigan Civil Rights movement gets however, there will always be people who see them only as the horrific parasites their full demonic counterparts are, ignoring any distinction of humanity.
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