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Froúrio the City-State ("Old Froúrio")

The city-state of Froúrio was the smallest of the Drákon League city-states, located on a small island to the west of Megálo nisí.  


It was founded to be the home of Akadimía, the institution responsible for training future archons, adminstrators, engineers and warriors that act as leaders throughout the Drákon League.  
Map of Old Froúrio  

Akadimía years

During the decades after its founding, the primary city-states continued to cut support and viewed the institution as a burden.  


In the autumn of 4706, Froúrio was attacked by a combined force of Norjord and Rus, supported by the L'église universelle and the Knights of Humanité. During the attack, all of the citizens of Froúrio were killed. The city was desecrated and destroyed by a combination of dragon and raider.   A small band of former students arrived late and was able to slay the dragons ravaging the town, free several of the residents being taken as captives, and put down a slave rebellion formented by factions from Asteriápolis.   The students were reinforced by several younger citizens aligned withthe Asteriápolis Pro-Democracy faction who fled Astériapólis in advance of a purge by Asteriápolis Pro-Aristocracy forces.   Together these young citizens are rebuilding Froúrio and have declared its independence from the Drákon League.


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