The Great Boiling Valley

A volcanic eruption thousands of years ago created the active volcanic zone known as the great boiling valley. The valley is located to the northwest of Lake Eleusis, along the south eastern side of the Froúrio Range.   In autumn you will find yourself mesmerized by the maple tree foliage surrounding the valley. In spring and summer the area surrounding the valley is a lush green paradise. However the desolate mountain skin of the valley itself and the rolling plumes of smoke create a unique landscape that will convince you of the area which was once called the gateway to the underworld.


The area surrounding the valley is littered with hot springs. Some of these hot springs range from 40° C at the outer edges to well over 50° C. At times, fierce, boiling waters within a hot spring can explode and shoot water into the air, acting much like a geyser.   The hydrothermal features near the center are stained with a variety of bright colors. These layers of color come from masses of individual microorganizsms known as thermophiles. Different types of thermophiles live at different specific temperatures within a hot spring and cannot tolerate much cooler or warmer conditions. The valley's hot water systems often show distinct gradations of living, vibrant colors where the temperature limit of one group of microbes is reached, only to be replaced by another group.   Fumarole's or steam vents, exists when a hydrothermal feature has so little water in its system that the water boils away before reaching the surface. Steam and other gases emerge from the feature's vent, sometimes hissing or whistling. Steam vents are often superheated, with temperatures as high as 138°C.

Localized Phenomena

During periods of heavy, still air volcanic gasses can settle near the ground becoming toxic to small animals or those with impaired lung function.

Fauna & Flora

Due to the presence of toxic gasses, no life forms above the size of thermophiles make their home in the valley.

Natural Resources

Hydrothermal mineral deposits are formed around the hot mineral-laden water of the hot springs and fumaroles. These deposits often carry heavier volcanic metals and compounds.


A volcanic eruption thousands of years ago created the active volcanic zone known as the great boiling valley.


It is a popular site for its scenic views, volcanic activity, and "black egg" — a local specialty of eggs hard-boiled in the hot springs. The eggs turn black and smell slightly sulphuric. According to local folk lore eating one is said to add seven years to your life.
Alternative Name(s)
Gateway to the underworld
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