Sfentámi forest

The forest sprawls across the eastern side of the island and up the Froúrio Range's lower altitudes. The forest is a mixture of bamboo and maple trees.

Localized Phenomena

Fireflies are common in the summer nights.

Fauna & Flora

The forest is a mixture of bamboo and maple trees. Tanuki's are its most reclusive residents, but have been seen in all seasons. Squirrels, ferrets, sable, deer and fox and wild felines, and snakes feast on a variety of vegetation as well as birds, frogs and insects.

Natural Resources

The bamboo is actively havested for local craftsment. The outlying maple portions of the forest are also harvested but actively managed and grown by the local farmers.


The maples turn crimson, orange and yellow in the fall. Residents of the island are known to walk the game trails and picnic in the serene scenery.
Forest, Temperate (Seasonal)
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Cover image: Bamboo Forest and fall foliage in Arashiyama Park, Kyoto, Japan by Chad Ehlers/Aurora Photos - 2018-10-12


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